Architecture and home design have a history. They have developed a lot since the old times till now. Here we’ll go into detail about many beautiful and practical architectures, home types, and home styles around the world.

Parts of a Temple
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published May 12, 2021

Temples are among the earliest structures known or erected by men. The word temple comes from the Latin word ‘templum,’ which means a sacred space. The etymology of the word can give anyone an idea of what a temple is, and that is for religious or spiritual activities, including praying and making sacrifices. In this article, you will know more about the parts of some types of temples.

Parts of a castle
| Updated February 5, 2024 | Published May 10, 2021

Man has attempted to build a form of fortification for defense and shelter since the Greek and Roman eras. Over the ages, these developed into castles, which are a type of military and residential structure. This article will explore on the essential parts of a castle.

Parts of a Church
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published May 9, 2021

You may have been in a church before, but you have absolutely no idea of its parts. Continue reading to know more about the different parts of a church, according to denomination.

Parts of a Bridge
| Updated February 5, 2024 | Published May 7, 2021

Bridges are of several types, some of which include beam bridges, arch bridges, cantilever bridges, suspension bridges, truss bridges, cable-stayed bridges, and tied arch bridges. Many bridges were built to last centuries. For instance, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, which was opened in 1937, took a total of four years to build and is one of the most famous bridges in the world. Bridges are made up of various parts, as explained in this article.

| Updated February 3, 2024 | Published April 29, 2021

Barns are also built to have good visual appeal. A beautiful barn exterior is a sign that things are up to standard on the inside. Most barns have similar parts and they include the following:

Types of Arches
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published April 18, 2021

An arch is a curved structure that has been used in architecture for thousands of years. While it is not used a lot in everyday construction, it possesses a charm that some spaces require. For its function, it is used to support loads and distribute them evenly.

Tract Homes
| Updated August 10, 2022 | Published April 11, 2021

Buying a home is always a stressful event, whether you’re experienced in purchasing properties or you’re a first-time buyer. There are many decisions to make, including the type of home you choose to buy. If you’re thinking of purchasing a tract home, you might be keen to find out more about this type of property and learn about all of the advantages and disadvantages.

Pole Barns vs Steel Barns
| Updated February 3, 2024 | Published February 7, 2021

In this post, we’ll first look at pole barns versus steel barns. We will begin with barns that are developed with the pole frame technique. We will turn our attention to the benefits of steel over conventional building and construction.

Cape Cod Style House
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published July 28, 2020

One of the most beloved home architectural designs in the US is the Cape Cod style house. You may have seen hundreds of Cape Cod homes dotted around seaside towns of New England and Massachusetts. The style is a very simple one; a rectangular shaped house with gable pitched roof. Cape Cod homes rarely have decorative features or a porch as they were designed for practical reasons rather than appearance. These homes have low ceilings and a huge central chimney to keep the occupants warm during the cold winters of the north. Cape Cod homes are still popular to this day as simple and efficient starter homes for small families or veterans. 

Concrete Houses
| Updated August 26, 2022 | Published July 28, 2020

When it comes to choosing from a variety of building materials to construct a modern home, one popular option is concrete. This material is the most effective in creating a sturdy structure in the quickest possible time.  If you’re considering using this material to build your home, there are some factors you should consider before embarking on such a project. Here I will explain in detail about what a concrete house is, the advantages and disadvantages of this material, 4 types of concrete building systems, as well as some important construction factors to consider when building with concrete. 

American Foursquare House
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published July 28, 2020

Also known as the Prairie Box, the American foursquare is considered to be a true American style home.  Economical, resource-efficient, and practical, foursquare homes can be seen in almost every US state as well as throughout Canada. It can safely be said that foursquares are the most common and popular house styles in America, providing comfortable housing for growing middle-class families. Being one of the most widely built homes of the early 20th century, the American foursquare is everyone’s favorite for a number of reasons. In this article, learn all about the history of American foursquares, their main characteristics, and the reasons for their popularity.

| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published July 28, 2020

When you hear someone talking about the Tudors, the controversial King Henry VIII may pop to mind and the way he treated his six wives. However, during the time he was in power, a very unique architecture was born. The quaint fairytale-like Tudor homes made their appearance among their colonial counterparts with their easily recognizable features. These charming homes come in all sizes and often mimic the romantic appearance of an old English manor.