Can You Put a Box Spring on a Platform Bed?

Before we answer the question proposed in our heading, let’s first duly understand what a box spring bed is, what a platform bed is, and what its main features and differences are. 

A box spring bed, put simply, is a couple of coils/springs in different shapes and sizes that fit into a box. The top of this box is covered by fabric; therefore, you can’t see these springs. This box of springs is placed on a bed frame, and then the mattress is placed on top.

On the other hand, a platform bed is a more stylish type of bed that has a flat-leveled surface to place your mattress. The bed frame will most likely have slats of wood placed into the bed frame to give support to your mattress.

Memory foam and latex mattresses are recommended for this kind of bed, and mattresses with innerspring are suggested for box spring beds. Since many of these are designed at a lower level to the ground, they allow ease to get onto the bed, even for children.

Benefits of a Platform Bed

Platform Bed

No box spring needed

Not needing this added feature means less money spent because these platform beds have slats that are about three inches apart that allow circulation for the mattress placed on top of them but also, they are close enough; therefore, the mattress will not sink in.

Chic and contemporary

If your house design and functionality are highly driven by trends and styles that are in now, then you’ll most definitely want to purchase a platform bed. They are all the hype in-home design currently, an advancement from box springs that were used in olden times.


Additionally, platform beds are built with slats that are quite strong and can therefore carry any bodyweight. Since your bed is one of the most used pieces of furniture in your house, you’ll want one that’s comfortable and durable.

Extra storage space

This is music to the ears of any homeowner that struggles with storage, which usually happens to be everyone. You are always looking out for an extra drawer or fitting to put items, and therefore extra space is a no-brainer functionality that will prompt anyone’s purchase decision. This extra feature is especially favorable to the tiny house community that already has small spaces with even smaller storage space. So if you want to option of extra space to store your clothes, shoes or books, then this is your best option.


Platform beds are considerably affordable, and also since they can easily be set up with a detailed manual, this further cuts the costs that would be covered in hiring a mover from the furniture store to set up the bed.

Supports multiple mattress types

You need to figure out from the mattress manufacturer which beds are best suited for your mattress type to ensure compatibility before purchase. Platform beds are suitable for foam and latex mattresses which cover a wide spectrum of mattresses on the market.


Low height

Platform beds are usually low, and therefore if you’re looking for a bed that offers you height because you’re tall or simply prefer the kind of bed that eases the process of getting in and out of bed, then this won’t serve you.


Platform beds are sturdy and durable, and to achieve this purpose, they are made with strong wood or metal materials. This isn’t necessarily a con for these beds, but it depends on where these beds will be used and if or not they’ll be moved frequently.

Benefits of a Box Spring

Box Spring

Extra height

Since these beds are placed on top of the bed frame, the height of the bed goes up. Therefore getting in and out of bed is a breeze as the bed’s height supports this.

Extra support

The coils in the box spring absorb weight easily; therefore, any movements or weight exerted on the bed can be appropriately evened to prevent degradation of your mattress. It also prevents the sagging that often happens in the middle of mattresses, thanks to the support rendered.

Great air circulation

Since box springs are only covered by fabric cloth, they allow plenty of air circulation for your mattress, which is important since this removes the chance of dust or any other harmful allergens from forming in the mattress due to low circulation.


It isn’t compatible with all mattresses

While the section above ushers praise and monumental benefits for box spring beds, one of this bed’s biggest turn-offs is that it’s only compatible with innerspring or two-sided mattresses.

This is quite a narrow scope; therefore, in the future, if you want to switch up your mattress, it will also mean getting a whole new kind of bed which is frustrating.

Pricier than platform beds

Platform beds are very DIY, hence minimizing their costs which isn’t always the case for box spring beds. You’ll have to spend a little more, and if the comfort and benefits this bed offers aren’t the kind you need, this price point won’t be desirable for you. Hence, there are some cost-effective yet comfortable alternatives to the box springs.

Bad motion insulation

Since box springs have coils that absorb pressure, that paired with the innerspring mattress means there’s a lot of bouncing and noise when your partner sleeping next to you turns in the night.

If you’re a light sleeper with very early mornings, this type of feature will leave you frustrated with no rest.

Old design

If you’re the kind taken by retro and vintage designs, box spring beds will be all the hype for you. This, unfortunately, isn’t the majority.

If you’re looking at beds that are featured in contemporary home design magazines and TV programs, then this isn’t for you.

Adding a Box Spring to a Platform Bed

To answer the question, yes, one can place a box spring on a platform bed if they choose. However, to make this decision, one must properly understand the purpose of each bed and gauge if pairing them together serves the desired purpose or not.

From the comparison mentioned above, one can add a box spring to a platform bed for the following reasons.

Increase the height of the bed

If you already have a platform bed but later on decide that you’d like to increase your height, perhaps for a new guest in the house, like your grandparent that physically can’t manage low leveled beds, then you may add a box spring to elevate the mattress to ease movement in and out of bed. This will also automatically necessitate you to purchase a new innerspring mattress that’s supported by the box spring.

Improve the support of your mattress

If your platform bed has aged, perhaps one that was passed down to you and is no longer serving to its full potential, then you may add a box spring. What will make you realize the bed needs more support is when your mattress begins to sag, even if it’s brand new. The coils in the box will absorb your weight when you lay on your bed and allow you the comfort of not feeling your mattress sink in.


To round things up, you are most likely not going to need a box spring on a platform because these two beds differ widely, and to fully reap benefits from either bed is to have one or the other, unless it’s something that can’t be ignored, like in the points mentioned before. You’ll need to measure the platform bed to ensure that the box spring will sit on top properly.

It’s also important to note that the quality of your platform and box spring should be put into consideration because the much cheaper and non-durable beds will break from the elevated pressure added, more so if the platform bed is considerably older.