Full-Size Bed Dimensions

Deciding what size bed to buy is serious business. You want to make sure you choose one that has adequate space for you to sleep at ease at night and one that’s not so small that there’s no space to roll over on the bed. Yet you try to avoid getting one that takes up all the space in your room or one that offers way too much bed space than you’ll ever need.

The full bed is one of the smallest standard beds, being that it’s only 16″ wider than a twin bed. In contemporary years, other bed sizes such as the queen and king bed sizes have grown a lot more popular than the full bed. Nonetheless, the full bed is still loved by many, and for a good reason.

Also popularly called the double mattress, the full-size mattress is sufficiently adaptable to fit a variety of people of all ages, from kids, teenagers to single adults. While it’s not suitable for people who want to share a bed, it can offer more than enough comfort for single sleepers, giving them room to spread out while at the same time taking up very little space in the bedroom.

Here Are the Dimensions of a Full-Size Bed

the Dimensions of a Full-Size Bed

If you are currently in the market for a full-size bed, here are the most important things to note about them.

Full-size beds are 54″ in width and 75″ in length. They are the same length as a twin bed but differ in width by 16″ with the twin bed being smaller.

The surface area of a full bed is 4, 050 inches, and they’re best suited for adults sleeping alone or children. It is not suited for people above 6″ tall; many tall adults would find that their legs dangle off a full-size bed except when they sleep diagonally. Many active sleepers wouldn’t enjoy a night on a full bed as it doesn’t give too much space to roll around. Many would also not like to ever share a full-sized bed as it leaves only 27″ of personal space when shared by two people. It’s, however, affordable and easy to move around. They’re best suited for small rooms such as some hotel rooms, studio apartments.

Full bed dimensions often vary across countries, sometimes even having several varying dimensions in different regions of the same country.

What Size Room Can I Fit A Full-Size Bed?

Full beds are most suited for rooms of about 10 feet by 12 feet. A room smaller than 10 feet on either side might need a twin-size bed, except you don’t need any additional space left for furniture and moving around.

Full-sized mattresses also make great travel mattresses and can fit very well in an RV without taking up more space than necessary.

Full-size beds are the most common beds found in hotel rooms.

Guide to Full-size Bed Buying

If you’re currently shopping for a new mattress, you may need to first consider your budget, bedroom space, sleeping needs, among other factors listed below, to determine what bed size is perfect for you. Many people are usually torn between getting a queen or a full bed. Here are the things you need to consider before making up your mind.

How Many People Would Be Sleeping on the Bed?

Are you ever going to share this bed with someone? If the answer is yes, then a full-size bed isn’t for you. Full-size beds do not have enough space to accommodate more than one sleeper.


Smaller beds cost a lot less than bigger ones, so if you’re working with a limited amount of money, you might save some money by going for a full-size bed. You could sometimes save as much as $300 by choosing a full-size bed over a queen bed. The prices of full-size beds vary with brands.

How Versatile Do You Need Your Bed to Be?

Some bed sizes are a lot more versatile than others. For beds, versatility refers to the ease with which you can adapt the bed to other functions when the need arises. So when choosing a bed, consider how easy it might be to adapt the bed to different needs in years to come. For instance, if you buy a full bed while you’re single, you may need to get a queen bed when in a relationship or when you have a child or a pet.

What Kind of Sleeper Are You?

If you always wake up in the same position in which you went to bed, then a full-sized bed is the perfect fit for you. However, if you are an active sleeper, who wakes up in a different position than you slept in and rolls over more than a few times in the night, and often move from one position to another, you might find yourself on the ground at more than one point during the night.

Additionally, a full-size bed is perfect for shorter people or tall people who curl up when they sleep; tall people who sleep in a fully stretched position may feel a bit cramped or have their limbs having off the bed at night.

How Big Is Your Bedroom?

Full beds typically fit perfectly in small rooms, leaving sufficient space for furniture and space for moving around. The small size of the bed means that it can fit perfectly into most rooms without giving it a cramped look.

How Easy Is It to Install?

If you live alone and have to do your bed installation all alone, then you should consider getting a full bed. They are pretty straightforward to install and can be lifted very easily with the help of at least one other person. Unlike the bigger bed sizes, full-size beds don’t get stuck in the hallways, on the stairwell, or around corners.

Comparing a Full-Size Bed and a Queen Bed

A full-size and a queen bed are both easier to move than other bigger beds, but a full bed is much easier to move than a queen bed.

A full bed is best suited for one person, while a queen can fit two or more people comfortably.

A full bed is shorter and narrower than a queen-size bed, while queen beds are wider and longer. A full bed measures 54″ x 75″, while a queen measures 60″ x 80.”

The Pros of Owning a Full-Sized Bed

There are a few benefits of owning a full-sized bed, and they include:

Relatively Low-Cost Bed with Low-Priced Accessories

Full-size mattresses are less costly than bigger beds, so when you buy a full-sized bed, you get a comfortable place to sleep without breaking the bank. The price of a full bed is always the tipping point for people torn between buying a full-size bed and a queen. Asides from the beds and mattresses, other accessories that go with the full bed are also pretty inexpensive. These accessories include duvets, bedspreads, pillows, etc.

Easy-to-Find Accessories

Full-size beds are pretty easy to accessorize. It’s quite trouble-free to find all kinds of duvets, duvet covers, bedspreads, pillows, etc., to fit a full-size mattress. It is not as easy to find accessories for larger-size beds and mattresses like the king-size bed or the California king bed. Beddings for larger beds are either too expensive or sometimes too difficult to find, but beddings and bed accessories for smaller beds are available at most local stores.

Not Too Heavy

Many families use the full bed as the choice bed for kid and teen rooms. The mattresses offer ample room for kids to sleep comfortably with even offer a little extra space for parents who want to join their kids in bed for a minute at bedtime. Another cool benefit of the full-size bed is that it doesn’t take up excess space in the bedroom, at least not as much as the twin bed does, which makes it the preferred choice for hotel owners, yet it offers just enough space for a sleeper to stretch out and have a comfortable sleep.

Additionally, if you’re someone who might be moving houses in the future, then you’re better off owning a full-size bed as they are a lot easier to move than the bigger bed options. You can also get to frequently change your bed’s location in the bedroom due to how easy it is to move the bed.

Cons of Buying a Full-Size Bed

It’s not the best option for people sharing a bed.

A full-size bed while allowing for a lot of additional space in your room and letting you have enough space to maneuver is too small for couples sharing a bed. It is an option for anyone who has no plans of ever sharing their bed with anyone. When shared, a full-sized bed offers just 27″ of space to each person, which is a terribly small space for one person to have a restful night’s sleep. Anyone who plans to share a bed would be better off getting a queen or king-size bed.