What Color Towels for a Beige Bathroom (8 Color Options Explored)

Color coordinating a beige bathroom’s accessories doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Once you’re happy with a certain color that goes with your beige bathroom tiles and walls, it can be quite easy to design the rest of the space.

When it comes to deciding what color towels work with a beige bathroom, you must consider the potential wow factor of your space. Having a cohesive and consistent theme throughout your bathroom is sure to bring added luxury to the neutral room.

So what towel colors should you choose for your beige bathroom? Since beige is a neutral and warm color, it can work with both bold and bright hues. White towels bring an exquisite feel to a neutral space, whilst darker colors like rich grays stand out nicely.

Whether you prefer a neutral color scheme throughout your beige bathroom, or you want to make a bold statement with patterned or rich color towels, here are some color suggestions you should consider:

Best Towel Colors for a Beige Bathroom

Patterned for a Whimsical Feel

Patterned for a Whimsical Feel

Patterned towels offer a beautiful visual appeal to any bathroom. In beige bathrooms, various patterns and colors mix together to bring a seamless flow to your space. You can use a variety of patterns in contrasting or complementary colors.

For example, if your bathroom has beige tiles, you can reflect them by adding patterned beige towels. This idea works best in bathrooms that have simple beige tiles without heavy patterns all over them. A heavily-patterned beige bathroom is the last thing you’ll want!

Floral for a Feminine Vibe

Floral for a Feminine Vibe

Our previous example featured checkered towels for a simple beige bathroom. However, such patterns are more suited for masculine bathrooms. If you want to inject a feminine vibe into your neutral space by using patterned towels, you can always opt for floral towels.

These are ideal for rustic style or traditional bathrooms. Include a matching floral shower curtain to enhance the classic appeal of your beige bathroom.

White for a Minimalistic and Neutral Look

White for a Minimalistic and Neutral Look

White towels are usually associated with a clean and fresh space. This is why they are commonly used for hotel rooms and spas. The appeal of clean, white lines always give the impression of purity. What’s more, white towels go with any bathroom color and decor.

Since white towels don’t fade as opposed to darker colors, it makes sense to use them in a beige bathroom. This color brings a modern, minimalist feel to any neutral space, so if you don’t mind the frequent cleaning of white towels, then consider them as a refreshing choice.

Modern Gray

Modern Gray

Another modern towel color that goes with a beige background is gray. A dark shade adds visual appeal to an otherwise plain bathroom.

Gray is an excellent towel choice for hiding stains, plus it’s a better alternative to bright white towels.

Earthy Brown for a Warmer, Cozier Feel

Earthy Brown for a Warmer, Cozier Feel

Rich brown towels are a no-brainer option for a beige bathroom. Since beige and brown are from the same color family with a warm undertone, they can be the perfect choice for a cozier space.

This idea is especially great for those who want a more classic aesthetic in their neutral bathroom. Brown is an earthy color with both a modern and traditional vibe.

Nature-Inspired Green

Nature Inspired Green

Bring an outdoorsy feel to your beige bathroom by adding bright green towels. Whilst this color isn’t a common combination that comes to mind, it can work brilliantly in a neutral space.

Whether you choose a soft shade of green or a bold one, it is sure to give your beige bathroom a natural flair. But if you need help picking a specific shade, we recommend a deeper, richer green like emerald or mint in order to bring out the warm tone of your beige walls.

Lively Pink

Lively Pink

Aside from green, another lively and fun towel color is pink. This color goes well in feminine-chic bathrooms, and thanks to its warm undertones, a beige tiled bathroom will look ultra-elegant.

Blush pink towels in a beige bathroom can help make your space feel brighter and cozier, which is certainly what you should be trying to achieve. But it’s not just in feminine-themed bathrooms that pink towels will look great. For a more welcoming vibe, pastel pink towels are a fresh addition to a beige tiled bathroom.

Blue for an Ocean Feel

Blue for an Ocean Feel

For a breezy and airy feel, consider fluffy blue towels. Although beige is a warm-toned color, it doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with a cool-toned blue shade. To create a maritime aesthetic, consider bright blue towels for your neutral bathroom. This color combination will give your neutral space a lighter and cheery feel.

Is a Beige Bathroom in Style?

Yes. Beige is a common and popular color for bathroom floors and walls. This warm, earthy neutral is very easy to decorate around, so you can pair it with almost any other bright or muted color without running the risk of creating a bland bathroom. But some homeowners assume beige tiles are outdated and think twice about adding them to their bathroom.

In reality, beige is a plain color that doesn’t look very exciting. However, if you pair your beige tiles with attractive complementary colors, you will liven up your neutral bathroom.

Bright and fun colors like turquoise blue, blush pink, and apple green can be incorporated into the accessories in order to transform a beige tiled bathroom. These colors can be in the form of towels, wall fittings, and shower curtains.

How Do I Update My Beige Bathroom?

Updating a beige bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive project. Just a few simple changes can make a whole lot of difference to a neutral space. The idea is to make sure your beige bathroom’s accessories and fixtures flow with one another.

Start off with your vanity and cabinet colors. Since beige is a neutral hue, it gives you many options. For example, your bathroom cabinet color can be light brown, black, or coffee brown to complement the beige tiles. For contrast, consider light blue or emerald green to make your cabinets stand out against the neutral background.

Now let’s discuss towels. Dark brown, blue, green, or any other towel color will suit a beige bathroom and give it an updated look. And as for the towel rods, always go for an opposite color to the towels in order to bring a nice visual contrast to the overall look of your beige bathroom.

How Do I Make My Beige Bathroom Stand Out?

There are a few simple changes you can make to make your beige bathroom stand out. The first idea is to use patterned tiles in beige and add wall paneling to your shower. By adding patterned beige tiles together with a wall panel, your bathroom will look ultra stylish.

Some people prefer using waterproof wallpaper on one wall as the main feature of the beige bathroom. A wallpaper adorned with an interesting print will give the room the much-needed pop of color. Alternatively, you can incorporate some bold fixture colors, such as black or purple, to add depth to your beige bathroom.

If your beige bathroom has a window, add a patterned short-length blind in brown or beige. Your chosen blind should be made of bamboo rather than wood. Plus, it should be as thin as possible to allow natural light into the room.

If there is an empty corner in your beige bathroom, fill it with large plants. Green indoor plants can add an earthy, outdoor vibe to your beige bathroom and become the focal point of the neutral space.

Should All Towel Colors in a Beige Bathroom Match?

No. Not all your towels need to match in color. Using a two-toned pattern or mixing multiple colors can be a stylish way of enhancing your beige bathroom. That said, we recommend your towels be of a similar tone when picking a specific color scheme for your space. After all, you don’t want to make your beige bathroom look too busy with a mix and match of contrasting towel colors.

For example, if you are using green towels in a beige bathroom, you can select different shades of green for the hand towel, bath towel, and face towel. The warm tone of green works nicely with the beige background while breaking up the monotonous look and bringing brightness to your space.