7 Different Types of Screen Doors

Does your home get too hot, and you are worried about opening the front door because you would be inviting rodents and insects? Then, today, you are in luck!

A screen door is the answer to your worries. Installing a screen door will not only beautify your doorway but also allow you to open your exterior door to allow air and natural light into your home.

Screen doors are more appreciated during summer as they help reduce the heat in your home. These doors are very functional and have various colors. However, before buying your screen door, it is important to know the various types to avoid buyer’s remorse. Hence, read on.

Benefits of Screen Doors

Screen doors have become one of the most popular features of various homes nowadays. These doors have become popular because of the benefits and value they add to numerous homes.

Reduce the heat and help cool your home

According to the Department of Energy, you should get high-quality storm doors with low-emissivity glass for heat reduction and optimal energy saving.

Screen doors allow you to open your exterior door and allow cool natural air into your home. The importance of this is more recognized during summer when screen doors can function as a tool to prevent your house from being overwhelmed by the sweltering heat. Screen doors can even reduce heat in a house with no electricity and without transmitting dangerous emissions.

Prevent Insects From Entering Home

Despite your exterior door being opened and your screen door showing up your interior to the outside world, screen doors are very safe. Screen doors keep away crawling or flying insects, rats, and any other pests from disrupting your home.

With the use of screen doors, you can maintain a balance between keeping insects away and allowing fresh air into your home. Some screen doors also come with a door sweep that is attached to the bottom of the door and makes your screen door more effective at keeping away insects and dust from your home.

Improve House Aesthetics

It is indisputable that your door is the first thing that people notice when they come to your home. And the use of a screen door enhances the beauty of your doorway. Screen doors are very flexible, and they come in all colors and styles.

Whether your decor style is country, traditional, or modern, you can always find a screen door to suit your style. A stylish screen door gives a good first impression of your home and your sense of style and taste. Also, you can order for your screen door to be customized to your taste.

Increase Air Quality

The use of a screen door improves the quality of your indoor air and also allows natural light into your home. With your screen doors, it is easier for fresh, natural air to seep into your home, thereby improving the quality of the air in your home.

On the other hand, without screen doors, you end up breathing the same air, and this is unhealthy if you have allergies or breathing problems. By allowing natural light into your home, a screen door helps reduce your blood pressure, and you get to sleep better.

Save Energy

By allowing natural light into your home, you spend less on energy; it increases your focus and lets you be more productive if you choose to do some work at home. 

Improve Security

The use of a screen door also beefs up the security level of your home. A screen door with your exterior door means that you have two doors. In a case where intruders or burglars are trying to sneak into your home, you have a higher chance of hearing any movements if they have to get past two doors.

Types of Screen Doors

There are several types of screen doors, and although the frame for most of these doors looks very much alike, these doors differ based on the aesthetic, style, and what they can be used for.

They come in different sizes and colors, and each screen door has its own way of providing ventilation. To serve as a guide to help you get the screen door that is the right fit for you, here are the various types of screen doors.

1. Traditional Screen Doors

Traditional Screen Doors

If your home has traditional decor, or you want a screen door with an antique look, then a traditional screen door is the best option for you. Traditional screen doors are the classic type of screen doors and are also the most popular type of screen doors.

This is the standard type of screen door. This type of screen door is fixed on the outside of your exterior door. Traditional screen doors are made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl screens. These types of screen doors can also offer you additional security as some of them come with locks.

Most traditional doors have a simple but also elegant design. Traditional screen doors are also called Hinged Screen Doors.

2. Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding Screen Doors

This type of screen door is best suited for a home with modern or contemporary decor. They are very stylish and most compatible with sliding doors. Contrary to traditional screen doors, sliding screen doors are less secure because most of them are not lockable.

However, they are very sleek and elegant. This is why it is not advisable to use a sliding glass door for your front door. Instead, they are suitable as a backyard door or patio door as they also give you a better view of open space.

A sliding screen door is also very receptive to natural light as most of it is made of glass. With enough natural light coming into your home, you will be less stressed and anxious, and natural lighting can also boost your immune system.

3. Retractable Screen Doors

The retractable screen door is another type of screen door that is suitable for modern or contemporary decor. This is one of the most popular types of screen doors. They are an alternative to sliding screen doors.

Contrary to sliding screen doors, retractable screen doors can be used for your front door. This type of screen door adds a feel of versatility to your front door. Unlike other screen doors, retractable screen doors also help you save space as they are not fixed to your front door.

Instead, you can make it disappear out of sight by rolling it into the spring-loaded casing that serves as its protective house. If you have children and pets, a retractable screen door is the best option for your home.

4. Pivoting Screen Doors

A pivoting screen door is one of the latest types of screen doors in the furniture market. This type of screen door is surely the most stylish and exquisite screen door presently. A pivot screen door at your front door delivers a statement of class, elegance and will surely make your home stand out among other homes on the street.

This type of screen door is very unconventional, and it rotates on a pivot box with which it creates a unique opening style.

However, most pivot screen doors do not allow you to leave your door open for airflow because this will leave an opening for bugs, insects, rats, and other pests to come into your home. Instead, you can have a security screen fitted around your door frame to solve this problem.

5. Barn Screen Doors

Have you ever wondered about how you might get a screen door that is suitable for your country-style decor? A barn screen door is what you are looking for. This type of screen door is best suited for very wide door openings, but you can also have it custom-made for whatever size you desire.

One major advantage of barn screen doors is that they allow sufficient breeze and natural light into your home. Barn screen doors are sliding screen doors. Install a barn screen door, and you can give your home that farmhouse feel.

6. Decorative Screen Door

Decorative Screen Doors

Just as the name implies, decorative screen doors feature all types of designs or decorations. They are very appealing and attractive to the eye. A decorative screen door adds to the aesthetic appeal of your front door. Decorative screen doors allow you to personalize your door to suit your style and desire.

It is most suitable for modern or contemporary decor, but it can also be adapted to suit your style of decor. You can also design the door with a painting of yours.

7. Nursery Screen Door

You can also have a screen door that is suitable for your children’s nursery or room. With a nursery screen door, you can easily monitor the activities of your children.

This type of screen door is see-through; as a result, you can easily peek in to see what the children are up to. A nursery screen door also allows you to be very flexible with the design and color. You can choose colors and designs that will appeal to your children.

8. Storm door

Storm Door

While many people consider screen doors and storm doors to be the same in how they look outside, they are different in some ways. Aiming at protecting from bad weather like strong winds and high temperatures, a storm door is sturdier than a screen door.

A storm door is built with tougher materials – they usually have two panels of glass, and their door frames are made of durable aluminum, steel, and vinyl.


These various types of screen doors all have various features, and they are suitable for various decor. Make sure you measure your door before going to buy your screen door, and ensure that you don’t buy one that exceeds your budget.

Also, if the edges of your screen door are made of wood, make sure you seal the edges with paint that matches the color of the door to make it weatherproof.

If you don’t like screen doors, there are a wide variety of screen door alternatives to choose from.