Size & Dimension Guides

Knowing the specific dimensions of house rooms and objects come in handy when you need to do some house remodels & decorating.

Here’s our reference guide to the sizes of every part of the house, home objects, furniture, plumbing and so on.

Standard Mason Jar Sizes

Mason jars are glass jars with lids that are used for a wide variety of purposes in the kitchen, as well as around the home and garden for decor or storage. To help you understand more about this interesting item and choose the right one for your home, in this article, we’ll go over the common and standard mason jar sizes

Standard Hose Fitting Sizes

A garden hose is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who owns a home, which will enable you to water your plants, irrigate your lawn, wash your car, or hose down your deck or patio. In order for your garden hose to work, it will need a hose fitting that connects it to the outdoor faucet, typically positioned on the back or side of a home.

Standard Deck Board Sizes

If you plan to build your own deck, you’ll need to understand the measurements and dimensions of standard deck boards and which size is best for your project.

Standard Basement Window Sizes

Basement windows come in a wide variety of sizes, which can differ between style and manufacturer. Common types of windows used in basements include hopper windows, casement windows, and single or double-hung windows. The most important thing you need to consider when planning windows for a basement is the minimum sizes that must be met in order to meet the necessary building code.

Ratchet Sizes

Ratchets are a really useful tool to have on hand, and if you buy a good quality one, it will last you a lifetime. If you are wondering which size of ratchet and socket you will need, here, we will look at the sizes available and what they are best used for.