Shuffleboard Table Dimensions and Guidelines (with Drawings)

Shuffleboard is a popular game played on a very long and expansive table, which most people would struggle to fit in their home. The regulation size table for this game is 22 feet long and 30 inches wide; however, you can get much smaller varieties so that you can play shuffleboard in the comfort of your own home.

The most common sizes of shuffleboard tables that you can buy, or build yourself, are listed below – all are illustrated within this drawing.

Shuffleboard Table Dimensions

9 feet

A 9-foot table is the smallest size of shuffleboard table you can buy, but this is still a very long table by most people’s standards. A shuffleboard table requires 2 feet of clearance around each side, so with a 9-foot table, you will need a room that is, at a minimum, 13 feet in length. The width of a 9-foot shuffleboard table will be between 24 and 32 inches, so in terms of clearance, the width of your room will need to be between 72 and 78 inches at a minimum to accommodate this table, which is the equivalent of between 6 feet and a little over 6 and a half feet.

When measuring a shuffleboard table, it is the dimensions of the table frame itself which are listed, and these are different from the actual playing board dimensions. On a 9 foot table, the playing area will be 8 feet long and 16 inches wide. The puck best suited to this size of table will have a diameter of 2 ¼ inches. Although this is the smallest size of shuffleboard table available, it still comes with quite a large price tag.

Due to the large size of shuffleboard tables, they need to be made from sturdy materials such as wood or metal, and as such, you can expect a 9-foot shuffleboard table to cost around $3000 to buy. The high cost of shuffleboard tables is one of the main reasons why people decide to build their own shuffleboard tables.

If you are handy with woodworking tools, then you could create your own shuffleboard table using these dimensions as a basis for your design.

12 feet

A 12-foot shuffleboard table will be 12 feet long and between 24 and 32 inches in width. This means that the room you are going to put it in will need to be at least 16 feet long and between 72 and 78 inches wide. The playing area will be smaller, at around 10 and a half feet long and 16 inches wide. This size of table will require a reasonably large space in your home, though it is still considered as a small shuffleboard table.

14 feet

The dimensions of a 14-foot shuffleboard table are 14 feet long and between 24 and 32 inches wide. This table is considered to be a borderline small to medium-sized table, and it is a favorite among home shuffleboard players because it is one of the easiest sizes to play on.

For a room to accommodate this table, it will need to be at least 18 feet long so that you have 2 feet of clearance at each end of the table. This shuffleboard table is best suited to a standard-sized puck which measures 2 5/16 inches in diameter.

16 feet

This is the most common mid-sized shuffleboard table on the market. It will measure 16 feet in length and usually 30 or 32 inches wide. The playing surface area will have a measurement of 15 feet by 20 inches.

18 feet

Any shuffleboard table that measures 18 feet or more in length will feel just like playing on a full-size table for most people, but it will take up much less space than a full-size table, making it a good option for serious shuffleboard players who want to be able to practice at home. This table will measure 18 feet long and 30 to 32 inches wide. The playing area will be 17 feet by 20 inches, and the correct puck to use will have a diameter of 2 5/16 inches.

20 feet

A 20-foot table is the next best thing to a full-sized regulation shuffleboard table if you can’t quite fit one into your home. This table will measure 20 feet in length and therefore will need a room that is at least 24 feet long to properly accommodate it, taking into account the clearance you will need at either end. The width of this table will typically be 32 inches, but this can vary between manufacturers. The playing surface area of this table will measure 19 feet long and 20 inches wide.

22 feet

This is the regulation size shuffleboard table, as known as a full-size table, and it is the largest type of shuffleboard table available. If you play in a shuffleboard tournament, then this is the size of table you will be playing on.

If you are a competitive shuffleboard player, then it makes sense to have the regulation size table in your home to practice on, giving you the exact same playing space as you will have in a tournament. The more experienced you are at using a regulation size table, the more likely it is that you will perform well in competitions.

However, this is an extremely large table to fit into a regular-sized home, unless you have a generous basement to convert into a games room. This table will measure 22 feet long and up to 32 inches wide. This means, allowing for a 2-foot clearance all the way around, you will need a space that is at least 26 feet long and between 6 feet and 6 and a half feet wide.

The price of a regulation shuffleboard table will vary based on the manufacturer and the materials it is made from, but for a professional shuffleboard table of this size, you can expect to pay between $7000 and $16000.