Want to learn what different parts of furniture, interiors, and exteriors of your house are and how they work?

Here we’ll cover detailed anatomy with full 3D diagrams, and illustrations of these objects.

Parts of a Bunk Bed
| Updated August 7, 2022 | Published March 23, 2022

A bunk bed is a piece of furniture that essentially holds one bed frame on top of another. This creates two sleeping spots in half the amount of floor space that they would usually occupy. Bunk beds are common in areas where space needs to be maximized, such as in hotels and hostels, prisons, and children’s bedrooms.

Parts of a Grandfather Clock
| Updated July 5, 2022 | Published August 10, 2021

Grandfather clocks, also called pendulum clocks, or longcase clocks, contribute greatly to the mood and mysticism of any room or hall. The contemporary versions of these clocks differ from previous models in that modern grandfather clocks neither include ancient clock elements nor need to be turned to display the correct time.

Parts of a Recliner Chair
| Updated August 18, 2023 | Published July 22, 2021

Sitting on a recliner chair to enjoy watching a ball game or reading a book can be both mentally and physically good for you. After all, this piece of furniture promotes better circulation and has a calming effect on the mind and body. Today’s recliners are more stylish and slim in design so you never have to sacrifice space over comfort. But have you ever wondered what components make up a recliner?

Parts of a Broom
| Updated August 2, 2023 | Published July 19, 2021

A broom is a common tool used indoors and outdoors for sweeping up dust, dirt, and debris. Here we look at the various components that make up a broom.

Parts of a Table Saw
| Updated June 30, 2023 | Published June 29, 2021

One of the most common power saws is the table saw. It is a fixture in many woodworkers’ shops. Although it is straightforward to use, it has different parts that can confuse most users. If you’re one of them, continue reading to learn more about the different parts of a table saw.