Guide to Standard Shower Handle Height

Shower Handle Height

When installing a shower, it is best to follow the recommended shower handle height. Remember, a shower valve and spout that is too low can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you place them at a higher spot, some users may not be able to reach them properly. So, what is the standard shower handle height?

Standard Height of Shower Valve and Handle

The height of the shower valve and handles will depend on whether you’re using it for a shower stall or in a bathtub. For shower sets that are in a bathtub, the valve must be lower because it must connect to the bathtub and shower tap. As such, the valve must be installed about 28 inches above the floor.

For shower sets that are installed in a shower stall, the valve and handles must be placed 48 inches above the floor, which is the standard height. Additionally, the faucets should also be installed at the same height as the valve.

Types of Showerheads and Height

The standard height of a shower head is 80 inches above the ground, but it can vary. For instance, the shower will be used by several individuals with different heights; thus, it is best to install the shower head at a higher height. Additionally, the height will also vary, depending on the type of shower head.

Handheld Showerheads

A handheld shower head is detachable; thus, it should be installed at a height where everyone can reach it easily. This type of shower head is useful for households with kids because it can be used by users of varying heights. The recommended height for this type of shower head is between 72 to 78 inches above the floor.

Rain Showerheads

A rain shower head has a long arm that allows the water to pour over the user’s head. This type of shower head is ideal for bathrooms with a high ceiling. Keep in mind that this shower head is designed to stimulate rainfall; thus, it should be installed at least 84 inches above the ground to achieve its rainfall effect.

Distance Between Shower Fittings

In a shower stall with a shower head installed at 72 inches above the ground, the valve and handles should be 48 inches above the floor. As such, the space between the fittings is about 24 inches. When the shower head is installed in a bathtub, its height should be 72 inches above the ground. The valve and handles are installed 28 inches above the floor; thus, the space between the fittings is 44 inches.

For the hot and cold shower handles, it is recommended that they are eight inches apart. As such, the valve is installed at the center. The first handle should be placed at the right side of the valve with a four-inch distance, while the second handle is installed four inches to the left side of the valve.


Keep in mind that the heights mentioned above are standard. Even so, you can install the shower head higher if someone in your household is about 77 inches tall. As such, you can install the fittings at any height; however, you must still adhere to the local plumbing codes. For this reason, you must check your local codes before installing a shower set.