What Are the Standard Headboard Dimensions? (3 Drawings Included)

If your bed frame includes a built-in headboard, then you may never have wondered about headboard sizes before. However, if you want to construct a headboard or buy a headboard for your boxspring, then you’ll need to understand the different headboard dimensions.

Typically, the headboard size will match your bed size; for example, a twin bed will need twin headboards, and California king beds will need California king headboards.

A matching headboard will usually have the same width measurement as your bed frame, but it can be wider, depending on various factors. To help you determine the right headboard for your bed, here are the various headboard dimensions.

Standard Headboard Dimensions

Standard Headboard Dimensions

If you’re buying a headboard, you’ll find that most of them come in standard bed sizes and mattress sizes. Though most headboards are the same width as the width of their matching bed frame, they can be three inches wider. If you need to fit your headboard into a specific place, then knowing its exact size will be important.

When it comes to height, there is no set standard size. Headboard height from the mattress usually ranges from 14 to 33 inches, but headboards outside of this range are also available. If you’re looking at the headboard height from floor distance, this will depend on the height of the bed frame. The average mattress sits at a height on a bedframe of between 16 to 25 inches, so you can expect a standard headboard height from the floor to be around 30 to 58 inches.

Keep in mind that the size of the headboard will vary depending on the bed size. This headboard size chart details the different bed sizes, along with their headboard dimensions.

Common Headboard Dimensions

Headboard Size Chart For Different Types of Beds
Headboard Size Chart For Different Types of Beds

Twin and Twin XL Headboard

A twin and twin XL bed have the same width but different lengths. Since the width of the bed is the measurement that needs to match the width of the headboard, the same size headboard will be suitable for both twin and twin XL bed sizes. A standard twin mattress has a width of 38 inches, so most bed frames will have a width ranging from 40 to 43 inches. The headboard dimensions can therefore be anywhere from 40 to 46 inches to work with the bed size.

A twin XL bed is longer than a twin bed by about five inches, but it will have the same width of 38 inches. This means that both a twin bed and twin XL bed can use the same size of the headboard, however, in order to keep things looking in proportion, you can opt for a slightly taller headboard to balance out the extra length of the bed. In this case, choose a headboard height from the floor between 1 and 5 inches taller than the standard twin-size headboard.

Full (Double) Headboard

A full-sized mattress has a width of 54 inches. An appropriate headboard width will be between 56 to 62 inches.

Queen Headboard

A queen-sized mattress will have a width of 60 inches, so the queen-size headboard will be between 62 to 68 inches wide.

King Headboard

A king-sized mattress is the widest type of mattress, with a width of 76 inches. The right headboard for a king bed will have a width of around 78 to 84 inches.

California King Headboard

It’s a common misconception that California king headboards need to be wider than king headboards, but this is not the case. California king headboards actually need to be smaller than the king headboards, because California king mattresses are four inches narrower than king mattresses.

California king headboards should measure between 74 to 80 inches in width. Interestingly, California king mattresses are 4 inches longer than king-sized mattresses, so you may wish to opt for a greater headboard height from the mattress to keep the overall look in proportion.

Standard Headboard Heights

Standard Headboard Heights

There is no standard measurement for headboard height, but the general rule is that the headboard height from the floor should be less than your bed frame’s length. The headboard height from the mattress can sometimes be altered depending on whether you have a floor-standing headboard or one that screws into the frame of the bed.

Tall Headboards

If you have a California king bed or a king-sized bed, then a tall headboard will be most appropriate. Tall headboards will have a headboard height from the floor of between 65 and 70 inches. California king headboards and king headboards can take up almost the full height of a wall, so they will really dominate the room. For this reason, tall headboards are best placed in bedrooms with high ceilings.

Low or Short Headboards

A low or short headboard is often used for small beds, and it can make your bedroom look more spacious. Low headboards will only have a headboard height from the mattress of 12 to 24 inches, which makes them an ideal choice if you want to hang a portrait or any wall decor above your bed.

Dorm headboards will typically be short headboards, as this will match the proportion of the dorm room and the dorm bed size.

Adjustable Headboards

An adjustable headboard has legs that can be adjusted to your desired height. Because of this feature, adjustable headboards are a great option if you are unsure of the headboard height that is best suited for your bed. You can experiment by setting the legs at different heights to see which looks best in your space.

An adjustable mattress will also be useful if you change your mattress for a different thickness, or if you change your bed entirely. With an adjustable headboard, you can alter the headboard height from the mattress or the headboard height from the floor to suit a different bed.

Different Types of Headboards

Wood Headboard

Wood Headboard

Wooden headboards are made using various types of wood, such as oak, pine, and maple. Plywood can also be used if you’re on a tight budget, though this type of wood is less durable compared to its counterparts.

Wooden headboards can be painted or stained if you want to change their look in the future, and they give a homely warmth to a bedroom.

Metal Headboard

Metal Headboard

Metal headboards are generally more affordable than wood, and they work well with minimalist, modern, and vintage designs.

Metal headboards can be made with brass, stainless steel, wrought iron, or brushed aluminum. Additionally, they are available in various colors, including nickel, gold, white, brown, and silver.

Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered Headboard

An upholstered headboard is the most comfortable type of headboard because of its soft padding. Padded, upholstered headboards are recommended if you are an active sleeper, or if you like to lean against your headboards to read or watch TV. The soft padding in an upholstered headboard can protect you if your head or elbows hit the headboard while sleeping.

The soft padding of an upholstered headboard can be made of polyester, leather, linen, or cotton. Its price will depend on the quality of the materials. Upholstered headboards are available in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. Upholstered and padded headboards are popular for master bedrooms because they have a luxurious look, and they are also widely used in children’s bedrooms because they can prevent accidental injuries.

Storage Headboard

A storage headboard is typically made of wood. A unique feature of this headboard is that it has a storage space where you can place your alarm clock, books, and other bedroom essentials. Since it will be bigger than a standard headboard, it is best suited for large bedrooms.

What Size of Headboard Should You Get?

When buying a headboard, you should always consider your bed size. The headboard should be about two to six inches wider than your mattress. The headboard height from the mattress can be around 14 to 58 inches depending on the size of your bed frame.