Full XL Bed Dimensions

Full XL beds are just as wide as regular full-size beds but measure an additional 5 inches in length. They measure 54″ x 80″, unlike the standard full-size beds that measure 54″ by 75″. Full XL beds can be likened to Twin XL beds that take the original 38″ length of the twin bed then adds 5″ to its length.

Full XL beds are most suited for teens or adults of average height. They’re designed to be a single sleeper but could also fit two people, though not comfortably. If you don’t have a lot of space in your room for a big bed, a full XL bed would be a great choice, provided you have no intentions of sharing the bed.

Guide to Buying a Full XL Mattress

Guide to Buying a Full XL Mattress

Full XL beds offer just the same options as the traditional bed sizes; this includes options of choosing either latex foam, gel foams, innerspring, or memory foam. So, before buying a full XL bed, the things to consider include:

Level of Comfort

There are several comfort levels available with a full XL mattress, ranging from firm to lush; some even have temperature control allowing you to regulate the bed’s temperature. So the level of comfort provided by a full XL mattress should be considered before purchase. Also, ensure you make your purchase from a reputable bed maker with good warranty options and a return policy.

Sleeping Preferences

Get the kind of bed that accommodates your unique sleeping preferences. For instance, if you love to sleep on your back, then get the kind of bed that supports your back, same for stomach and side sleeper. Firm mattresses provide the right support for back and stomach sleepers, while soft mattresses are better suited for side sleepers. Also, if you love to share your bed, then a full XL bed might not be for you as the bed isn’t spacious enough to comfortably fit two people. Full XL beds are better suited for people sleeping alone. If you’re sharing your bed, you’re better off with a queen or king-size bed.

Ease of Finding Bed Accessories

A full XL mattress is not one of the standard size beds and will need to have a special bed frame made along with bed sheets and other bed accessories. Your traditional sheets may not fit on a full XL mattress and bed frame. So, make sure you can find the right bed accessories before purchasing a full XL bed.

Pros of Buying a Full XL Bed

There are so many bed sizes and options available that finding the perfect bed can sometimes be intimidating. But there a few advantages to buying a full XL bed that may make your decision a little easier.

  • Full XL beds take up less space in the room than other beds offering similar benefits.
  • There are a variety of mattress options available for the Full XL bed, such as latex, memory foam, and pillow top.
  • Full XL mattresses can be found in multiple price points, depending on your taste.

Cons of Buying a Full XL Bed

  • Two people can’t sleep comfortably on a full XL bed.
  • Not all brands carry the full XL mattresses.