Do You Need Two Nightstands?

How many nightstands are enough, zero, one, or two? Well, why would you need zero nightstands? Nightstands are an extremely functional piece of furniture. They are often used to hold items that one might need during the night or before they get out of bed. The nightstand is where you store your glasses, contact lenses, remote controls, cell phones and chargers, medications, a glass of water, alarm clocks, bedside lamps, and a lot more, depending on how much space you have.

So, do you need more than one nightstand? The answer to this question not only depends on how many items you’ve got to store but also on personal taste.

Is It Okay to Have One Nightstand?

Is It Okay to Have One Nightstand?

It’s okay to have just a nightstand if that’s what you prefer. Before deciding to have only a nightstand, you must consider your storage needs. What things would you want to be putting in your nightstand, and would one night stand contain them? Also, consider if you’ll be using the room alone. If you’re going to be sharing the room, even if occasionally, there might be a need for an extra nightstand.

Finally, consider the room’s aesthetics. Can you find a way to balance out the décor while having a nightstand on just one side of the bed? If none of the above-mentioned factors would be a problem, then there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from having one nightstand. On a lighter note, if you read the question as, ‘Is it okay to have a one-night stand?’ the answer to that is probably ‘no!’.

Can You Put Two Dressers Side by Side?

Sure, you can put two-night stands side by side. However, if you have your bed positioned in the center of the room, it makes more sense to have one nightstand on each side of the bed to achieve the best symmetrical look. If you have your bed in the corner of the room, then you have more than enough space to line up two nightstands side by side beside the bed. As long as they’re easy to reach and the entire arrangement looks pretty, nothing else matters.

Can You Mix and Match Two Nightstands?

Can You Mix and Match Two Nightstands?

Mixing and matching two nightstands is okay, provided you have a strategy to unify your overall room décor in the end so that every piece of furniture doesn’t end up looking mismatched. When you’re mixing two nightstands, always have a plan to maintain some symmetry.

A great way to maintain this symmetry is to only mix and match nightstands by style, materials, size and shape, and color. This means that each nightstand must match the other either in style, size, color, shape, or material. One nightstand could be square, the other round, but both have a mid-century modern style. One could be mid-century modern and another contemporary, but they both have a square shape and so on. This way, you still maintain some sort of uniformity even when mixing and matching.

Finally, to produce a high contrast custom look, you might want to buy a nightstand with an entirely different style than that of your bed. For instance, if you have a contemporary bed, try a traditional nightstand or if you have a rustic bed, try matching that with a modern nightstand.

Why Do Bedroom Sets Only Come with One Nightstand?

This is probably due to considerations for space by some furniture makers. It should by no means be taken to mean that every bedroom only needs one nightstand. If you have purchased a bed set but find yourself needing an additional nightstand, then go ahead and purchase one. Just remember to follow the rules when mixing and matching.

Nightstand Feng Shui

Feng shui experts believe that a cluttered nightstand signifies a cluttered mind. By freeing up space on your nightstand, you can free your mind from clutter. What better way to free up space on a cluttered nightstand than to get another one? Feng shui is all about using energy to attract beautiful things into one’s life.

For great Feng Shui, experts advise that if you are single and hoping to have a partner in your life, then you must buy items in twos to create space for the second person in your life, even if you are yet to meet them. This is an important symbolic gesture that indicates that you believe love is coming your way. This would mean having to get two nightstands. Fung Shui experts recommend you create empty drawers in your nightstand as it signifies creating room for a new love interest to come into your life.

This art of making room for love goes beyond just the nightstands; you’re also advised to create closet space and make room on the dresser. This would create the kind of energy you need to attract love. Doubt it? Well, what’s the harm in trying?

Do You Need a Nightstand?

When you think of basic human needs, a nightstand doesn’t exactly cross your mind. So, the quick answer to this question would be no. Everyone can survive without a nightstand, but there’s no denying that having one makes life a lot more convenient. A lot of people try to get through life with as few material possessions as possible. This movement is known as minimalism.

Minimalists believe that life can be lived without getting entrapped in wasteful consumer culture. A minimalist would probably get a reading desk that also serves as a bedside table and nightstand. This does not mean that there’s anything intrinsically wrong with owning copious bedroom furniture. As long as you can afford it and love it, by all means, go for it. If you can’t afford it or just think it’s wasteful, then feel free to never get one.

How Close Should a Nightstand Be to the Bed?

Imagine getting up in the night and trying to reach for a glass of water on your nightstand, but it’s out of reach. A hard-to-reach nightstand is almost the same as not having a nightstand because the main purpose of having a nightstand is to be able to reach things from your bed. A nightstand has to be close to the bed, but it’s recommended you try to keep it at least two inches away from your bed.

When it comes to nightstand height, it’s recommended that you have it level your mattress or just a few inches higher. These are just guidelines, however, and not set in stone. If, for personal reasons, you want your nightstand taller or shorter or farther away from the bed, feel free to do that. However, note that your nightstand won’t look quite right if it’s a lot taller or shorter than the bed. So try to keep the height different within 4″ and nothing more so that all your bedroom furniture pieces align properly. This way, it is easier for anyone on the bed to reach over and grab anything they need from the nightstand.

How to Choose the Ideal Nightstand

How to Choose the Ideal Nightstand

The best nightstands are both functional and good-looking. There is no use in having a pretty-looking nightstand that doesn’t serve its purpose; neither is it any fun having a functional nightstand that’s an eye-sore. So when choosing your nightstand, there are a few important considerations to be made to make sure that you get something that’s both useful and pretty.

Get a nightstand of suitable height

Your nightstand should be approximately the same height as the top of your mattress. It could sometimes be a few inches higher or shorter as long as it’s still easy to reach. If you must choose between a nightstand that’s higher than your bed and one that’s shorter, always go for the higher one as it gives a better overall final look.

Consider your storage needs

Some nights come with as many as three drawers, some two, and some have barely any drawer space. So, before you get a nightstand, be sure to consider the things to be stored in it. Also, consider whether you want your nightstand to have an open shelf or a door or just want a tabletop and nothing else. The most functional nightstands come with a tabletop, a drawer, and an open shelf so that you have the right space to store almost anything you need.

Consider proportion

If you have a king-sized bed, then when getting a nightstand, you should equally pick a large one so that there’s some proportion among your room furniture. Big beds look better with big nightstands, and small beds look better with small nightstands.

What Do You Do if You Don’t Have Room for a Nightstand?

Some rooms are so small that sometimes it’s hard to fit a nightstand in. Rather than try to force one into the room and have the entire place looking cramped, you can try to find other alternatives to a nightstand. Great alternatives include installing a shelf above your bed, putting a bookcase behind your headboard, getting some narrow drawers, among others.