California King Bed Dimensions

You’ll spend a good portion of your life sleeping on your bed, so it’s always important to do a lot of research when choosing a bed. Several factors must be taken into account before deciding to purchase a California king bed. One really important consideration is the bed’s dimensions.

If you buy a bed without first finding out its dimensions, you run the risk of buying a bed that may not fit into your room at all or one that takes up all the space in the room, leaving no room for furniture and other bedroom gadgets.

The Dimensions of a California Bed

The Dimensions of a California Bed

A California king bed is 72″ in width and 84″ in length. This makes it only four inches narrower than a standard king bed and 4″ longer. It is said to be the longest bed available in the market and suited for individuals who are above 6 feet tall. It is 4″ longer than the traditional king bed.

When shopping for California king beds, you’ll also come across the split California king-size mattress. It measures 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, just the same dimensions as the California king bed. The only difference is that it is split down the middle to make two mattresses side by side rather than one.

Split kings are the most suitable option for couples who want to sleep together but have differing sleep preferences. Split kings work well with adjustable beds so that each person can adjust their beds to suit their needs without making their partner uncomfortable.

Benefits of Buying a California King-Size Bed

The following are the pros of sleeping on a California king bed:

Offers More Space and Comfort

The California king bed offers you some additional elbow and legroom during your night’s sleep which considerably increases your chances of having a great night’s rest. When sleeping on a California King bed, you can roll over several times at night; and stretch out your hands and legs without falling off the bed.

This means it’s perfectly suited for active sleepers. Parents who want to co-sleep with their babies also love the California king bed because it offers enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably without having to worry about someone squishing the baby.

Great for People who Suffer from Health Conditions

People who suffer from conditions such as joint pain or arthritis would love the California king bed because it offers enough space for one to roll around until they find a soothing sleeping position. This mattress size is also suited for people who suffer from such ailments as neck problems, tennis elbow, shoulder syndrome, etc.

Many new designs of the California king bed are precisely designed to ease all your pressure points when you sleep. This mattress size is usually more expensive; however, the cost could be said to be worth the peaceful night’s rest it offers.

It’s a Family-Size Bed

If you are the type who loves to bond in bed with your little ones, then this mattress is the perfect choice for you. A California king bed offers enough space for the entire family to squeeze in on a weekend morning, even the dog.