16 Types of Clothes Hangers Explained

Hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various garment designs, materials, and styles. We need clothes hangers daily, and numerous obvious benefits come from hanging our clothes with the right type of hangers. That’s why it’s odd that we do not pay close attention to the types of hangers in our wardrobes.

In our houses, we may have lots of clothing hangers. Each hanger is made with specialized materials and structure to protect your clothes from wrinkles, rips, and strains. To keep your clothes appearing new and fresh, no matter how long they’ve been in the closet, you’ll need to pick the proper sort of hanger.

This article will go through the many types of hangers in a detailed and descriptive way. If you match the hanger to the right item, you will have a better time using them to organize your wardrobe. However, navigating the intricacies of each style of clothing hanger can be difficult. We will go through all of them in this article, such as which hangers you need for straps and suits.

Let’s start with the simple and common type of hangers: wire hangers.

Wire Hangers

Wire Hangers

Many times, one has so many of these kinds of hangers lying around the house that they’re tempted to simply toss some of them in the bin. They may last a long time when used to hang relatively lightweight items like a t-shirt. However, using them regularly is not a good idea.

Wire hangers are commonly seen in dry cleaning shops since they are affordable and simple to get by. These hangers are commonly sent to your home by dry cleaners. Hotels frequently use them in room closets as well. You may already have some wire hangers in your closet, but you’ve probably observed that they lose their form with time.

Kids may need a few wire hangers for school experiments and other craft projects, so if you have children, there’s a pretty good alternative to use for your wire hangers.

Any considerable weight on your garments will twist a wire hanger out of form, which will subsequently bend your garments out of shape. That is something that you do not want.

If you have a lot of wire hangers and don’t know what to do with them, don’t simply toss them away. Many dry cleaners can accept your wire hangers for recycling. Gather any that are lying around useless and drop them off the next time you go to the dry cleaners.

Wooden Hangers

Wooden Hangers

Clothes hangers made of wood are more durable than those made of other materials. These also make your closet look a lot classier than the wire hangers do.

Wooden hangers come in a variety of designs and features. They all have raw wood that has been polished to some extent, which is where your clothes will lay.  They look a lot more aesthetically pleasing than other kinds of hangers and will significantly improve the aesthetic of your wardrobe immediately.

Different types of wood give your closet a distinct appeal, but the advantages of wood hangers extend beyond looks. Wooden hangers are often broad and sturdy. They are usually broader than conventional hangers, which helps to distribute the weight of the item being hung up more evenly, keeping the hanger and garment from stretching out of shape.

You are unlikely to have to repair your wooden hangers because they’re known for their durability, which may save you a lot of money in the long term. They won’t sag as your clothes get heavier. Plus, unlike plastic hangers that break or thin wire hangers that droop, they just remain the same for a long time. These have the potential to save you money in the long run.

Your wooden hanger may offer insect-repellant characteristics based on the type of wood you choose, such as cedar. When you use wooden hangers, your clothes will not spread out, allowing them to last better and look their best. This is especially important for those who hang t-shirts since plastic and wire hangers stretch out the collars quickly.

Plastic Hangers

Plastic Hangers

One of the most prevalent types of hangers is plastic clothes hangers. They’re popular since they’re inexpensive and simple to get by. This hanger type is available in several hanger sizes and colors. These include smaller widths for newborn and children’s apparel.

They’re ideal for hanging children’s clothes, especially if the children are growing quickly and have a lot of inexpensive clothing that they’re quickly outgrowing. Plastic hangers function well for blouses, shirts, and basic dresses in both high-quality children’s and adult clothing, but they can snap under excessive weight.

Under the weight of larger things, plastic hangers can easily bend out of shape. Bending creates unusual pressure areas and stretches textiles, resulting in a deformed garment. Plastic hangers should only be used sparingly and not for heavy objects.

When it comes to higher-quality things, fragile items, and objects that you want to retain for a long time, you’re better off making use of proper hangers that will give ideal support without causing harm. Using the right hanger type can also help you to avoid having to re-iron your clothing before wearing them.

You can clean these kinds of hangers with a wet cloth if they ever get dirty, and you’ll never have to stress about them deteriorating or sprouting fungus or mildew. Unfortunately, plastic hangers will not last as long as other kinds of hangers, and there are no ways of recycling them when they crack, so they end up in landfills.

They will flex and buckle with time, so you’ll need to change them regularly to maintain your clothes. Unfortunately, if you do not monitor the quality of your plastic hangers, you may not see exactly when they start losing their shape, causing your clothing to suffer.

Velvet Hangers

Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers are a soft, non-abrasive way to hang delicate garments without causing damage. The only thing to remember while using velvet hangers is to make sure your clothes are completely dry before hanging them up since damp clothing will cause the velvet’s color to transfer to the item you’ve put up.

Velvet hangers have different variety of styles, including those with clips for skirts and slacks and those with notches for thin-strap blouses and delicate garments. There are a variety of colors to choose from, allowing you to personalize the style of your wardrobe.

Velvet hangers provide clothes items with a little friction, so they don’t slip when they’re hanging up in the closet. They generally feature tiny indentations on the sleeves to hold up strappy dresses and keep them from falling to the floor.

In a nutshell, velvet hangers are visually pleasing, won’t damage precious garments, and prevent slippery materials from slipping off the hanger. However, they can pass on color to wet garments, which is bad.

Metal Hangers

Metal Hangers

Hand-forged metal hangers will not have the same demerits as thinner wire hangers because they are made from forged metal. The majority of these hangers are made of iron.

However, there are a few that are constructed of copper. These wires will not bend, and because they are thicker than wire hangers, you will not have unattractive bulges and wrinkles in your clothing if you use them for long-term storage.

Furthermore, these hangers will not corrode if they become wet. They are extremely durable and designed to endure for a long time without any issues. They are perfect for hanging particularly heavy winter coats due to their robustness since they will not buckle or bow under the increased weight as less costly or weaker hangers will.

Metal clothes hangers are frequently custom-made and used as art. They come in a broad range of styles. Many metal hangers are thick and made of iron or copper. With heavy clothing items, metal hangers will not warp or contort, and they will not stretch out your clothes. You may need to search outside of your local supply stores for metal hangers. You can find a variety of metal hangers online that are ideal for any wardrobe.

Bamboo Hangers

Bamboo is an excellent hanger material since it is both ecologically friendly and long-lasting. Although bamboo hangers resemble wooden hangers in appearance, you can usually determine the difference by weighing them.

Bamboo is a lightweight and generally inexpensive material. Bamboo hangers are a great choice for environmentally aware customers. Authentic bamboo may contribute to your natural décoror neutral-toned, even if it lacks the vibrant appeal of plastic or velvet choices.

Satin Hangers

Satin Hangers

Satin hangers are made of fabric and feature contoured cushioning to prevent wrinkles and abrasion to your garments. They give your closet a sophisticated and classy appeal. You may also purchase them with ribbons or other embellishments to add to their attractiveness. These are ideal for gowns and clothes for special occasions.

If you want to make it more visually appealing, you may buy them in a variety of colors to complement your dresses or entire closet. This hanger is not recommended for heavy items, such as jackets.

Flocked Hangers

Flocked Hangers

A rigid frame is covered by a soft coating on these flocked hangers. They’re similar to cushioned hangers, although they’re usually tougher. On the outside, they are made of a softer substance. They provide stability while also protecting your garments. Because it is thinner than other fabric materials, this is referred to as a slim hanger. They keep their shape and don’t generally bend, making them ideal for heavier garments like jackets.

Fabric Hangers

Fabric hangers come in a variety of styles, including those with fabric wrapping and those with cushioning made of canvas or other materials. Fabric hangers generally have a layer of cushioning to protect garments from harm. Fabric hangers can include colorful patterns, as well as extra features like clips or concealed hanging hooks.

Canvas hangers, cushioned alternatives in various fabrics, and even metal or wooden hangers with fabric decorations are all available. Fabric hangers can frequently be made by hand, but they’re also available in matching or complementary sets to fit your closet decor.

Suit Hangers

Suit Hangers

When you utilize the correct sort of hanger, preserving your costly suit is simple. Suit hangers must be made of durable materials, have no creases, and have enough form to maintain the suit’s outline. To choose the best suit hanger, consider the material, form, and overall durability of each choice.

Suit hangers are available in various widths, sizes, and wood materials. Because the improper size might make your suit seem deformed or sometimes can affect it as it sits in your wardrobe, sizing is critical. Because most suits include padding in your sensitive shoulder areas, you’ll need a hanger that can support it without straining or harming it.

Clip Hangers

Clip Hangers

Clip hangers are ideal for keeping trousers and skirts in place and preventing creases. These are ideal for lighter things and are a little easier to use than those hangers with locked bars because the object on the hanger is simply clipped with the clips. A clip hanger has a series of clips on either side of the hanger or a single bar that clamps onto the object being hung.

The bar will help to prevent clip marks, but it cannot hold larger things since their weight will weigh the hanger down, and the item will slide down and drop off.

Huggable Hanger

When you want to arrange your wardrobe and conserve space, a huggable hanger is a great way to start. They take up half the space that most other hangers will, especially the plastic hanger, which is both loved and hated for separate reasons. They feature a velvety surface that holds your clothing and keeps them from falling to the ground.

The huggable hanger is available in a variety of colors. You may color-match them or just go wild with your favorite hue. They’re properly designed so that your shirts do not have any strange lumps. Huggable hangers come with a variety of attachments, such as clips, to make them even handier.

Belt Hangers

Belt Hangers

If you have a lot of belts, it would definitely be infuriating to find your favorite one or a suitable one when you need it. These hangers solve this problem by keeping all of your belts in an organized way and accessible whenever you need your favorite one.

Belt hangers come in a variety of styles, with some having the ability to hang the belts through their buckles while others are for looping the belts over a rack. To hold belts in place, some of the belt hangers are made of plastic or iron, although others have a covering of non-slippery velvet fabric or rubber. Choose the proper hanger for your belt collection based on the kind of belt you use the most.

Petite Hangers

Petite Hangers

Do you have small pieces of clothing and find that most hangers are too big for those? If yes, then these tiny hangers are made for you.

These hangers are narrower and won’t cause bumps in your garments in inconvenient locations. Petite hangers are usually 2 inches shorter than standard hangers.

Tie Hangers

Tie Hangers

Ties can be difficult to store, but you have two fantastic methods to organize your closet while guaranteeing that all of your ties are wearable. To continue to have your ties wrinkle-free, first, untie them before storing them. Tie them, roll them up, or have a tie hanger.

Tie hangers provide great assistance to your closet if one has many ties and needs to wear them often. The covering of fabric racks or hocks that hold garments in a closet looks a great deal like the tie and belt hangers.

Travel Hangers

Although many hotels supply visitors with simple wire clothing hangers, there are travel hanger alternatives that provide more durable assistance to your clothes. Travel hangers usually have the folding ability for storage, allowing them to fit exactly in your baggage or even your normal suitcases.

If you’re seeking clothes wringer alternatives for your travels, consider compact travel hangers that can be folded and easily packed, ensuring your clothes stay wrinkle-free without the need for traditional wringing.

Travel hangers are a useful addition to your gear if you frequently have an essential function to attend to or you need to travel. Packing folding clothing hangers for your vacation can help you avoid creases in your clothing, maintain the grace of your formal dress, and prevent having flexible metal hangers.

If you are someone who uses hangers often, you would have long realized how important they are for keeping your clothes in good condition. With so many features and possibilities, not to mention designs, you’ll always find an ideal match for your wardrobe. With great hangers, you’ll not just arrange your space but also maintain a clean-looking closet.

It is also simpler to sort through and organize your wardrobe when you use the right hangers, and you’ll also spend less time ironing.