Towel Sizes for 7 Different Towel Types (with Size Chart)

Buying new towels may seem like an easy task; however, once you see that there are a ton of choices in the market, you may get confused with your options. As you know, there are several factors you need to consider when buying towels. One, in particular, is the size.

Remember, towels come in varying sizes. As such, you need to understand this to pick the right product. Here we’ll go over the standard tower sizes.

We put together a summary table and a diagram below that illustrated the dimensions of different towels below.

Towel Size Typical Dimensions (inches) Main Uses
Washcloth 13″ x 13″, 12 x 12″ Hand and face washing
Fingertip towel 11″ x 18″ Decorative or guest towel
Hand towel 15″ x 25″, 16″ x 30″ Drying hands and face
Bath Towel 20″ x 40″ to 30″ x 58″ Drying off after a shower or bat
Gym towel 16″ x 27″ or smaller Wiping sweat during workouts or yoga practice
Bath sheets 35″ x 60″ Extra-large towel for maximum coverage

Towel Size Chart


Technically, a washcloth is not a towel because it won’t be able to dry your body. However, washcloths are usually included in towel sets. Plus, they will come in handy, especially if you have guests.

A typical washcloth has a dimension of approximately 13 inches x 13 inches, but there are some with a smaller measurement, which is 12 inches x 12 inches.

Because of its small size, a washcloth is great for cleaning your face. You can also use it to cleanse your body while showering.

Fingertip Towel

Compared to a washcloth, a fingertip towel is a bit bigger. Plus, it has a rectangular shape instead of a square. For its dimension, it has a width of 11 inches and a length of 18 inches.

Keep in mind that a fingertip towel is a bit small for drying your hands. It can be used as a hand towel but for occasional use only. Its main function is for decorative purposes. For example, it can be a great decoration when place on your bathroom countertop.

Hand Towel

A hand towel is a kitchen or bathroom essential because they are useful for drying your hands. Remember, this type of towel is bigger than a fingertip towel. To be specific, its standard size is 15 inches x 25 inches. There are also some hand towels that have a measurement of 18 inches x 30 inches.

As you can see, the size difference of hand towels is quite minimal. As such, you can pick a size according to your preferences. However, most people opt for the larger variety because it provides more space for your hands to completely dry. Plus, there are several ways to fold or roll a larger hand towel, which is beneficial if you’re going to use it as a decoration in your bathroom or kitchen.

Bath Towel

To dry your whole body, you’ll need a bath towel. The bath towel size will range from 20 inches x 40 inches to 30 inches x 58 inches. Typically, small bath towels are designed for children, while large bath towels are for adults.

As mentioned, this type of everyday towel can provide enough absorption to dry your entire body after a bath or shower. Aside from that, it also dries quickly, so it will be ready for your next bath. Additionally, you can also wrap your hair with a bath towel to help dry your hair quickly.

Aside from drying your body, a bath towel can also be used for decorative purposes. You can display it on your towel rack or your countertop. Either way, it can be a great decor item for your bathroom.

Beach Towel

As the name suggested, a beach towel is used to lie on without being touched by the sand when you are on the beach. Hence, it is larger than a typical bath towel, averagely at 48 inches x 54 inches to 58 inches x 70 inches. Besides its different sizes, a beach towel tends to use materials that are thinner and more lightweight but strong enough to withstand the sun’s heat and the beach atmosphere. It also should absorb moisture fast but dries quickly.

Gym Towel

A gym towel or workout towel will keep your body clean and dry, and lower your body temperature during and after a workout. So it needs to be long enough to absorb sweat and clean the faces, heads, and eyes; and not so large so that people can carry it around. Typically, the size of a gym towel can be 10 by 14, 16 by 36, or 25 by 54 inches. The materials for this towel are important. Mostly, it is made of cotton, cotton-poly blends, and microfiber.

Bath Sheets

A bath sheet is the largest type of towel, and its size will range from 35 inches x 60 inches to 40 inches x 70 inches.

Because a bath sheet is an oversized towel, it is not only great for drying your entire body. You can also use it to cover your body before getting dressed. Aside from that, this type of towel offers a larger surface area; thus, it can quickly dry your body.

Unfortunately, bath sheets will occupy a lot of space in your washing machine, so you will probably do more wash loads if you opt for this type of towel. Additionally, they also occupy more storage space, which is a disadvantage if you have a small closet or bathroom.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Towel


Keep in mind that there are several factors you need to consider when deciding on a towel size. For example, if you have children, you should buy small-sized bath towels for your kids and large-sized bath towels for you and your spouse. Aside from that, you should also consider your body type. If a bath towel is not enough to cover your entire body, you can opt for a bath sheet instead.


Aside from towel size, you also need to consider other factors, such as the towel’s material. Ideally, most people prefer a cotton towel, like organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, and prima cotton. The reason is not only because cotton towels are durable and breathable. They are also able to absorb more moisture, so you can dry your body quickly.

Aside from cotton, other popular materials are microfiber and bamboo. Compared to cotton, a microfiber towel is less expensive. Paper towels and bamboo towels, on the other hand, are gaining popularity because they are eco-friendly.


Another important factor to consider is weight. In general, a towel’s weight is measured in grams per square meter (GSM), and it will range from 300 to 900 GSM. Typically, a towel with a GSM of 300 to 400 is thin, and it is ideally used in the kitchen. A medium-weight towel, on the other hand, has a GSM of 400 to 600, and it is great for drying your body after a bath. Finally, a towel with a GSM of 600 to 900 is highly absorbent, but it will require a longer drying time.


Although white is the easiest and go-to color for towel colors because it is easy to clean and shows good hygiene; however, many people choose the bath towel colors to match the home decor. If you travel often, you’ll see that towel is a part of the bathroom color scheme, and people often print custom towel designs and colors to match a hotel brand. 

How Many Towels Do You Need?

How Many Towels Do You Need?

While there is no specific formula to determine the number of towels you need, for normal use, it is recommended to have at least two bath towels per person.

 Keep in mind that an average person uses two towels per week. As such, having three towels per family member will ensure that everyone will be able to use clean towels. If you don’t have enough storage space, you can also buy one towel per family member. However, you need to make sure that you wash it frequently.