Size & Dimension Guides

Knowing the specific dimensions of house rooms and objects come in handy when you need to do some house remodels & decorating.

Here’s our reference guide to the sizes of every part of the house, home objects, furniture, plumbing and so on.

Standard Napkin Sizes
| Updated November 21, 2023 | Published February 12, 2022

Napkins can be used for a variety of purposes when consuming food and drink, and they also serve a more aesthetic purpose in homes and restaurants as they can be used to help decorate a dining table and make place settings look more appealing. The type of napkin you need, and the size required, will be dictated by your event. Here we look at the most popular types of napkins and standard napkin sizes.

Standard Granite Slab Sizes
| Updated July 19, 2022 | Published February 12, 2022

Granite is a really popular choice of countertop surface, especially in luxury kitchens and bathrooms. Of course, it doesn’t come out of the ground already in slabs, and it needs to be cut to size after it is mined to be sold on to granite retailers. If you are interested in having granite countertops in your home, then it can be useful to know the slab size to work out how much you will need and what it is likely to cost you.

Standard Foosball Table Sizes
| Updated July 7, 2022 | Published February 12, 2022

Foosball, or table soccer as some people know it, is a competitive game played on a special table by a minimum of two people. It includes rods that run across the width of the table and are held in place at either side, and these rods are controlled by their handles which the players can turn to try to launch the ball towards a goal at either end of the table.

Standard Cup Holder Sizes
| Updated July 7, 2022 | Published February 6, 2022

Cup holders are useful in all sorts of scenarios, such as in a movie theater or on a plane journey, but when you think about cup holders, the thing that probably comes to mind is the cup holders in your car. Cup holders became more prevalent after the 1994 lawsuit in which an Albuquerque woman successfully sued McDonald’s after spilling a hot cup of coffee in her lap in a car with no cup holders, which resulted in such severe burns that skin grafts were required. Cup holders come in a variety of sizes to suit different sizes of cups and bottles.

Standard Carport Sizes
| Updated August 2, 2022 | Published February 6, 2022

A carport is a great addition to a home if you want to keep your car, boat, motorhome, or other vehicle protected from rain and snow. Carports can also be used as storage, a workshop, or an undercover picnic area.