Standard Keg Sizes and Guidelines (with Size Chart)

A keg is a type of barrel used to contain, transport, and store liquids. Traditionally kegs are made from wood, but stainless steel is becoming an increasingly popular material in keg manufacturing.

Kegs are used for carbonated drinks, but they are best known for their role in the beer industry. There are various standard sizes of kegs available, which you will need to know about when ordering large amounts of soda or beer.

Check out the size chart of various types of kegs below.

Common Keg Sizes - Size Chart
Common Keg Sizes – Size Chart

Mini Keg

This type of keg is suitable for one-time use. Mini kegs are most commonly bought for camping trips, gatherings with friends to watch sports or small family parties. A mini-keg holds 5 liters of beer, which is the equivalent of 169.07 ounces. This amount is the equivalent of 14 cans or bottles or 10.6 pints. The height of the mini keg will be 9⅞ inches, with a diameter measurement of 6¾ inches.

When full, the keg will weigh approximately 13 lbs.This keg is also affectionately known as a ‘bubba keg.’ These small kegs are great fun because they look like a small-scale barrel, but they are only available in limited beers, so you may not have much choice. As they are single-use, they dispense beer using a spigot at the base of the barrel, with a bung at the top to allow air in.

Cornelius Keg

This type of keg was originally developed by the soft drinks industry and is used by big soda corporations such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola. However, this type of keg is also known as the homebrew keg because it is widely used by people who brew their own beer at home. This means homebrewers don’t need to bottle their beer and can enjoy it on tap. It is big enough to contain a large quantity of beer but still small enough that it isn’t difficult to clean or move.

The Cornelius keg can hold 18 liters, which is the equivalent of 5 gallons or 640 ounces. This is the same as 53 cans or bottles or 40 pints. The dimensions of this keg are 24 inches in height and 9 inches in diameter. When full, this keg will weigh approximately 55 lbs, or 9 lbs when empty.

Sixth Barrel Keg

This type of keg is very similar in size and shape to a Cornelius keg, but it holds a little more beer. This is another popular keg type for craft brewers, and it is also useful in small restaurants that want to stock a wide variety of beer because it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

This keg holds 20 liters, which is the same as 5.16 gallons or 661 ounces. This is the equivalent of 55 cans or bottles or 41 pints. The sixth barrel keg is 23 ⅜ inches in height and 9 ¼ inches in diameter. When full, it will weigh around 58 lbs.

Quarter Barrel Keg

This is a great size of keg to use at parties, as it can serve the equivalent of 82 cans or bottles or 62 pints. It can hold 30 liters, which equates to 7.75 gallons or 992 ounces.It is also known as a stubby because of its short and stubby shape, with a width that is greater than the height. The height of this keg is 13 ⅞ inches, and the diameter is 16 ⅛ inches.

Slim Quarter Barrel Keg

This keg holds exactly the same amount of beer as a quarter barrel keg, with a volume of 30 liters, 7.75 gallons, or 992 ounces.However, it has a very different shape and is tall and slim instead of short and wide, and as such, it is commonly known as a tall quarter. This makes it an easier size for some people to store and is also great for anyone with a dual tap kegerator.

The size of this keg is 23 ⅜ inches in height and 11 ⅛ in diameter. This keg can contain 82 cans or bottles at 12 ounces each or 62 pints at 16 ounces each. When full, it will weigh 87 lbs, or 22 lbs when empty.

Half Barrel Keg

This is the standard size of keg used by most bars and restaurants, and it’s likely the keg that most people picture when they think of a keg. It is also known as full keg, or a full-size keg, because it is the largest standard keg available. These types of kegs are a common feature at frat parties or any party with a large number of beer drinkers in attendance. It will hold the equivalent of 165 bottles or cans or 124 pints. This equates to 58.7 liters, 15.5 gallons, or 1984 ounces. The height is 23 ⅜ inches, and the diameter is 16 ⅛ inches.

When full, this keg will weigh a hefty 160 lbs.It is too big for most homebrewers as it takes up a lot of space, and if you want to try out new flavors, it’s best to go with a smaller keg because you’ll have a lot of waste on your hands if you’re not a big fan.

50 Liter Keg

This type of keg is the standard size of keg you will see in Europe. It is used by brands such as Heineken and Stella Artois. It has a volume, unsurprisingly, of 50 liters, which is the equivalent of 13.2 gallons, or 1690 ounces. In terms of servings, it can hold 140 12 ounce cans or bottles, or 105 pints.

It is a similar size and shape to the America half barrel keg, but remember, if you import a European keg, it will not have a standard US Sankey D keg coupler. You may also know this keg by the name of import keg or European barrel. It has a height measurement of 21 inches and a diameter of 16 inches. When full, this keg will weigh approximately 130 lbs.