Standard Mason Jar Sizes (with 2 Drawings)

Mason jars are glass jars with lids that are used for a wide variety of purposes in the kitchen, as well as around the home and garden for decor or storage.

To help you understand more about this interesting item and choose the right one for your home, in this article, we’ll go over the common and standard mason jar sizes.

Mason Jar Mouth Sizes

Mason Jar Mouth Sizes

Mason jars come in a wide variety of sizes, but one really cool thing about them is that there are only two mouth sizes. This means that a 12oz mason jar with a wide mouth and a 32oz mason jar with a wide mouth will both have the same size lid.

This just makes life easier when it comes to finding a suitable lid for a Mason jar because you will be sure to have one that works in your kitchen drawer.


The regular mouth size of a mason jar is the original size. Mason jars with a regular mouth will have the well-known mason jar shape we are all familiar with, so if you want your mason jars to have that classic look with a tapered top and wider body, then opt for a regular mouth. The diameter measurement of the regular mouth on a mason jar is 2.5 inches.


The wide-mouthed mason jars were introduced later, and they have become a favorite among many because they are easier to clean since you can get your whole hand inside for better scrubbing.

People who enjoy canning also tend to prefer wide-mouth mason jars because they are easier to get the food into without making any spillages. The wide-mouth mason jar measurement is 3 inches across.

Mason Jar Capacity

Mason Jar Capacity


The 4 oz mason jar is the smallest capacity size available. It will fit half a cup of food or liquid in it, and due to its compact size, it only comes in a standard mouth option. 4oz jars with a standard mouth will have a height measurement of 2 ¼ inches and a width measurement at mid-point of 2 ¾ inches.

These jars are commonly used to store herbs and spices, as well as jams, jellies, and preserves. You could also make individual portions of salad dressings or vinaigrettes and take them to work with you in a 4oz mason jar for a quick and easy lunch or make small snack portions of fruit or nuts to feed your children while out and about.

This is a handy size mason jar to store small items which are not of a culinary nature, such as paper clips, beads, and pins.


An 8 oz mason jar comes in both regular and wide-mouth options and holds the equivalent of 1 cup or half a pint. The regular 8oz jar has dimensions of 3 ¾ inches high and 2 ⅜ inches wide at the middle point. The wide mouth version will be 2 ½ inches high and 2 ⅞ inches wide at the middle point. The 8oz jar with a regular mouth is great for serving drinks in, and it will work well with short straws.

You can also use these jars for preserving jams, jellies, and pasta sauces. They also make good pen holders on a desk if you remove the lid.

If you want to make your own air freshener for the bathroom, fill an 8oz jar with baking soda and a few drops of essential oil such as lavender or lemongrass, and then pierce a few holes in the lid for ventilation. The oils will scent the air in the room while the baking soda absorbs any bad smells.


The 12oz mason jar holds the equivalent of 1 ½ cups or ¾ pint. The regular mouth jar in this size is 5 ¼ inches tall and 2 ⅜ wide at the middle point.

It is great for serving drinks with a medium-sized straw, but it can also be put to use around the home. These mason jars are commonly used as decorative toothbrush holders or tealight holders, or you can create a hanger for them using garden twine and hand them around your yard as lanterns.


The 16oz mason jar holds the equivalent of 1 pint or 2 cups. It comes in both regular and wide-mouth varieties. The regular mouth 16 oz jar has a height of 5 inches and a mid-point width of 2 ¾ inches.

The wide mouth 16 oz jar has a height of 4 ⅝ inches and a mid-point width of 3 inches. These jars make great informal vases to hold fresh-cut flowers from the garden, or they can store leftover meals. Fill a jar with a smoothie to take out or a soup to heat up at work.


The 32 oz mason jar holds a quart or 4 cups. The regular mouth 32 oz jar has a height of 6 ¾ inches and mid-point width of 3 ⅜ inches. The wide-mouthed version has a height of 6 ½ inches and a mid-point width measurement of 3 ¼ inches. When used for drinks, both of these sizes will require long straws.

These jars are great for storing bulk-bought dried goods such as flour, pasta, and rice, or use it on the go with an iced coffee. You could also use it as a money bank to save funds for a special purchase or as a bug hotel.

64 oz

This is a generously sized mason jar that holds half a gallon or 8 cups. It usually only comes in a wide mouth version and will have a height of 9 ⅛ inches and a mid-point width of 4 inches. This size jar is great for making drinks at parties, such as iced tea, fresh lemonade, or punch, and allowing people to serve themselves with a ladle, or alternatively, you could buy a special pouring lid.

You could also use it for storing dried food goods or as a countertop composter in the kitchen. If you want to use this jar to serve individual drinks, you would need an extra-long straw.