Small Single Bed Dimensions

Small single beds, like their name implies, are the smallest types of beds you can find. They’re often used by young kids or adults who have really small rooms and are inactive sleepers. They are also used in guest rooms or other minimal rooms used rooms in the house. It’s easy to get them out of the way when they’re not in use since they’re so light and easy to move. They’re quite common and affordable.

They’re the perfect transition beds for kids who’ve outgrown their cot. However, they are a bit smaller than the standard single bed, and children waste no time outgrowing them.

Small Single Bed Dimensions

Small Single Bed Dimensions

Small single beds measure 75 inches in length and 30 inches in width. This is equivalent to 191 cm in length and 76 cm in width. Their total surface measures about 1.45 m2.

Are Small Single Beds a Good Size?

They’re a good size depending on who’s planning to sleep on them. Being only 30 inches wide, they’re best suited for kids. Adults sleeping on these kinds of beds might be a little uncomfortable because when lying in a fully stretched position, an adult’s arms and legs would hang off a small single bed. Adults are better off buying a full-size or a twin bed, except when they do not have enough space in their bedrooms to fit these slightly bigger beds. A single adult, who has a small body size and lives in a small room, may be able to enjoy a small single bed.

Can I Share a Small Single bed?

No, these kinds of beds are not made to be shared. Being only 30 inches wide, a small single bed only offers 15 inches to each person sharing the bed, and it is almost impossible for an adult to get a good night’s rest on only 15 inches of space.

What Is the Largest Bed Size?

Small single beds are one of the smallest bests available, and there are much bigger options available. The largest bed size you can find is the Alaskan King bed which measures 108” x 108”, which’s 274 CM on both sides. If you want something bigger than the Alaskan king bed, you can ask for it to be custom-made for you by a bed maker.

Small Single Bunk Beds

Sometimes to save space, parents prefer to put one or two small single bunk beds in the kids’ room instead of having traditional beds. This allows you to fit more kids into fewer rooms and also provides a lot of additional storage space in the room. These bunk beds are also sometimes used in college rooms, guest rooms, vacation cabins, and cottages. Whatever brand of small single bunk bed you decide to buy, ensure that the top bunk is properly secured with guardrails as there is not a lot of space to roll around on a small single bed.  Also, always make sure that only one person sleeps on the top bunk at a time, and children under 6 years are not allowed on the top bunk.