Should You Paint Front Doors Inside and Out?

They say that first impressions last, and this adage explains why many homeowners would want to paint their front doors when given the chance. After all, the part of the front door that faces the outside of the house can give a good impression on any visitor or passerby. But let’s say that you are given the option to paint your front doors inside, should you also do it?

No rule forbids you to paint the front doors inside and out. After all, it’s your door! Most people would paint their front doors with the same color for both their inside and outside parts.

But it’s also acceptable to paint the inside part of the door differently from its exterior side. Some builders or homeowners do this when they want to match or complement the color of the door to the interior of the home.

How to Paint the Door?

How to Paint the Door

Knowing a couple of tricks when painting the front door can make you finish the job quickly and with excellent results. First, there’s no need to paint the top or bottom of the door.

You can have them sanded, but since those parts of the door won’t be seen, you don’t have to paint them at all. Many pros even advise against painting the top and bottom of a door because of the risk that the paint may rub off onto the door frame.

If you’re inclined to paint the back and front of the door with different colors, then you would also have to paint different colors on the sides of the door. You must then decide which color on each side would end up.

Keep in mind that when you open the door from the inside, the side of it which swings inward toward you must have the same color as the inside of the door. You’ll also be guided by the same principle when dealing with the side of the door where the hinges are attached. Because it swings outside whenever the door is opened, therefore it should have the same color as the outside of the door.

You might also be wondering: “should I paint the door frame the same color as the door?” Again, no rule of thumb covers this matter. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on your current décor style, preferences, budget, and even the time to change things up.

Most kinds of door entrances are painted with the same colors as their door frames. The color is also the same as the trim outside of the house. In some instances, the color of the door frame is different from the color of the house exteriors but still complements it.

Now, let’s say you’re eyeing to paint the door with a color that’s different from the surrounding wall. You also want the door frame to be painted with a different color. How would you pull this off? The safest way is to paint the door and the door frame with neutral colors.

White is always a good choice. You may paint the front door gray but paint white on the door frame. These colors should be able to complement the color of the surrounding walls, even if it isn’t white nor gray.

What’s a Good Color for the Back of the Door?

What’s a Good Color for the Back of the Door?

When it comes to the interiors of the home, it depends on how much attention or focus you’d want to bring to your door. Some homeowners paint the back of the door with a color that’s similar or complements the trim of the home interiors. Again, if you are to choose from several different colors, the safest choice is to use a neutral color or hue.

You may also paint the back of the door the same color as your walls if you don’t want the door to be the center of attention. Painting it with a generic white color may be a safe bet. You can also take a look around your interiors and see which is the most dominating color or hue, and then use it as the paint color for the back of the door. Doing so will bring cohesion to the entire look and feel of your home interiors.

You may also opt to adopt the color of the other doors in your house and use that for the back of the main door. This can be an option that you may explore if you want a more unified look or theme in your home interiors.

You may also ask: “is it alright to paint all exterior doors the same color?” Painting doors in a single color is a simple way to make your home exteriors and interiors visually appealing. This is another good option to explore.

Meaning of Front Door Colors

Meaning of Front Door Colors

You’ll be surprised to realize that the color of your front door can speak a lot about you. Red is one of the most common colors for the front door, and it can mean being warm and welcoming. Blue means being positive and calm. Yellow is quite uncommon, but it can also mean that the homeowner is confident, humorous, and wise. Black is a color that symbolizes control and order. It means that the owner is authoritative.

Green front doors mean that a home is a place of safety and health. Brown can be associated with warmth, introversion, and privacy. Finally, purple is an uncommon color for the front door, but it can mean that you are excited and a risk-taker.


The short answer to the question “should you paint your front doors inside and out” is yes. You may, especially if you want to make the back of the door blend with the interior of your home. You can choose from the dominant color or hue in your home interior and use that as the color for the back of your front door.