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Standard Clawfoot Tub Size
| Updated May 1, 2023 | Published August 10, 2022

Here we look at the standard clawfoot tub size, and other dimensional considerations you should take into account when planning a bathroom layout with this classic type of tub.

What Color Should My Tablecloth Be
| Updated September 3, 2022 | Published August 6, 2022

A tablecloth offers practical as well as aesthetic benefits. It protects your dining table from scratches due to dinnerware, fading from the sun, and spills from drinks. It also creates a softer look in a space, much like other soft furnishings, making for a room that feels more comfortable. If your table has seen better days, or the surface doesn’t match your current style, then you can use a tablecloth to hide the dining table and give it a complete transformation.

Chairs in the living room instead of sofa
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published August 5, 2022

When we think of living room furniture, the first thing that pops to our minds is a large, comfortable sofa. But did you know you can still create a welcoming and warm atmosphere in your living room without a sofa?

Should You Close Bedroom Doors at Night
| Updated July 19, 2022 | Published July 6, 2022

Bedroom doors are the unsung heroes of interior design. They keep our messes, and our children contained, they give us privacy when we need it, and they can even absorb noise. But there’s a long-standing debate over whether or not you should keep bedroom doors shut at night.

Parts of a Dryer
| Updated August 2, 2022 | Published June 16, 2022

The drum, belt, and pulleys are the essential parts of a dryer. The drum is the large cylinder that turns clothes and holds them in place while they’re being heated.

What Color Bedding Goes with Dark Brown Furniture
| Updated August 4, 2022 | Published June 13, 2022

If you’re curious to see what your dark brown bedroom furniture will look like with the above-mentioned bedding colors, then take a look at our examples with images right here:

Bedroom Door Won’t Stay Open – What to Do
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published June 8, 2022

If you’re having trouble getting your bedroom door to stay open, there are several things you can try before calling out a professional. This article will give you some tips when you have that bedroom issue.

What Size is a Lap Blanket
| Updated August 2, 2022 | Published June 5, 2022

For most people, 30-45 inches is a good size for lap blankets. This means that when you sit on the sofa with your blanket wrapped around your legs, it will cover them perfectly.

Bathroom Sink Drain Pipe Size
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published June 5, 2022

A typical bathroom sink has a drain size of 2 inches, while a shower stall uses a 3-inch drain line and larger tubs use a 4-in. pipe or even larger.

No Water Coming Out of Faucet
| Updated August 2, 2022 | Published June 1, 2022

If you just discover that your tap water doesn’t work and there is no water coming out of the faucet, there can be a few reasons. We’ll pinpoint each of them and what to do when running into this dilemma. 

How to Stack a Washer and Dryer Without a Kit
| Updated August 23, 2022 | Published May 31, 2022

If you’re wondering how to stack a washer and dryer without a kit, we’re going to tell you exactly how it’s done. The first thing you’ll need is some kind of platform that will support the weight of both machines. In most cases, we recommend getting one with wheels so that it can be pulled out when needed (and pushed back into place when not).

Can You Put a Pool Table in a Small Room

Depending on how big your room is, if you want to get a full-size pool table, your room should be at least 15 feet by 13 feet to prevent striking behind when someone uses the pool cue.