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What Headboard Colors Should You Choose

The type of headboard you choose, and the color of the headboard you choose, are going to significantly impact the overall style and atmosphere in the room. For an industrial-themed bedroom, a black metal headboard could be appropriate, or for a romantic, feminine space, a soft pink, velvet upholstered headboard could work well.

How to Paint a Shower Pan

If your shower tray has faded, or you’ve moved into a new property where the shower tray looks old and out of date, you can paint it instead of replacing it. Painting a shower pan is an easy job that anyone with a basic understanding of DIY can do, following a few simple instructions regarding preparation and paint spraying.

Utility Sink Dimensions
| Updated July 19, 2023 | Published July 19, 2023

Utility sinks are usually deeper than other types of sinks, to accommodate the different types of uses, with a depth range of 8 inches to 24 inches.

Bathroom Rug Sizes
| Updated July 11, 2023 | Published July 11, 2023

Standard bathroom rugs measure around 22 inches in width and 34 inches in length, but you can find alternative sizes to fit the floor space in your bathroom.

Types of Shower Pans
| Updated July 5, 2023 | Published July 5, 2023

What all shower pans have in common is the need to be strong and durable while also feeling comfortable underfoot. Here we explore the different types of shower pans available and consider what shower pans are made from.

Should You Caulk Around a Toilet

In many US states, building code requires that toilets be caulked at floor level, however the debate continues as to whether it’s really a good idea to caulk the toilet. There are arguments for both sides, but those in favor of caulking the toilet carry more weight, so most professionals agree that toilets should be caulked.

How long do toilets last

Most toilets are designed to last around 50 years, though this is only a guide and will depend on a number of factors. The more use a toilet gets, the shorter you can expect it’s lifespan to be. It may also not last as long as you’d like if it was not installed properly, or if it is treated incorrectly. You can take steps to increase the life expectancy of your toilet, including proper maintenance.

Parts of a kitchen drawer
| Updated June 27, 2023 | Published June 27, 2023

Kitchen drawers come in all sorts of sizes, dimensions, designs, and styles, but the fundamental components of a kitchen drawer are all pretty much the same. If you are building a kitchen drawer from scratch, or if you’re constructing a drawer from a flatpack kitchen, then it’s useful to have an understanding of each component and how they work.

Should Kitchen Cabinets Be the Same Color as Walls

Yes, absolutely! Painting your walls the same color and shade as your kitchen cabinets will create a look of uniformity and consistency, which is key when creating any good decor style. If you’d prefer not to paint your walls and kitchen cabinets in the same color, that can work brilliantly as well.

Standard towel bar height
| Updated June 13, 2023 | Published June 13, 2023

The standard height for a towel bar is 48 inches, though a few inches higher or lower can work for many people. Here we look at the points you should consider when setting the height of your towel rail, along with the recommended height of towel rails for people with limited mobility and disabilities, as well as the most suitable towel bar heights for children of different ages.

What Colors to Paint Media Room

For media rooms which are primarily going to be for movie nights, dark walls and ceilings in black , brown, or dark gray will work best. If your media room will double up as a family room, then black might be too intense. Here we explore the best colors to paint different types of media rooms.

Bathtub dimensions
| Updated February 5, 2024 | Published May 1, 2023

Bathtubs come in a range of shapes and sizes, and having an understanding of these is vital when planning out a bathroom layout, to make the most of your space and ensure it works for you and your family.