Massage Table Dimensions and Guidelines (with 3 Drawings)

Massage tables come in a number of standard sizes, and the size chosen could be the difference between an enjoyable or unpleasant massage for a client. The therapist’s comfort will also need to be considered when choosing the size of a massage table in order to avoid back pain and back injury.

Massage Table Width

Massage Table Width

The biggest size variation between different massage tables is the width. The width of a table is what is going to make the most difference to a client’s comfort and also the comfort of the therapist. The width of the massage table will need to be wide enough to support the client’s weight entirely so that they don’t feel they need to tense in order to keep certain limbs on the table.

For the therapist, the width of the table is a key consideration because the wider a table is, the more a therapist will have to lean down or bend over to reach the client.

For this reason, therapists who are shorter in height or who have a history of back problems tend to go for more narrow massage tables, but as explained earlier, narrow tables could be problematic for some larger clients, so it is a difficult balancing act to ensure you get the right size massage table.

The width of massage tables is generally between 25 inches and 30 inches in most brands and models.

Any therapist who is 5 feet and 2 inches in height is recommended to choose a massage table with a 25-inch width. This is going to help prevent back pain if you are leaning over the table for a large portion of the day, as your arms aren’t going to have to reach as far across.

For therapists with a height ranging between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 5 inches, tables with a width of either 25 inches or 28 inches will be best. The 28 inch is the more popular width measurement for massage tables as it presents a compromise whereby the therapist won’t need to lean over too much, and most clients should have enough space to relax on the table.

For therapists who are between 5 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 2 inches in height, the 28-inch table will be best, but you could also consider the 30-inch width for your table if you want to increase comfort levels for your clients and are confident that you won’t suffer from back pain. For therapists over 6 feet and 2 inches, a 30-inch wide massage table is recommended.

If you are a therapist who prefers to work with narrow massage tables, but want to offer your clients the most amount of space possible, then look at hourglass massage tables which offer the best of both worlds. These massage tables are shaped like an hourglass, with a width that is wider at the top and bottom and more narrow in the upper-middle where the client’s waist would be. This is good news for the client because the table will be able to support their weight at the widest parts of their body, which is ordinarily the shoulders and the hips.

The narrowest part of the table is positioned at a part of the body that does not need a lot of support; therefore, it won’t affect the client but will allow the therapist to get closer to the table and prevent them from having to reach so far over while performing a massage.

Massage Table Length

Massage Table Length

The length of most massage tables is the standard size of 73 inches. This is a little over 6 feet long, making it an adequate length to accommodate the height of most people. For clients who are over 6 feet in height, they can dangle their feet over the bottom edge of the table without it affecting their comfort or their massage.

Alternatively, you can fix an adjustable face cradle to your massage table to extend the length. These will usually measure 8 or 9 inches in length, bringing the total length of the standard table to 81 or 82 inches, which equates to almost 7 feet in length. This will be more than satisfactory to suit the height of the vast majority of the population.

Massage Table Height

Massage Table Height

Most massage tables are equipped to allow their height to be variable. This allows the therapist to set the height of the table at a measurement that works best for them. The height of the table will not affect the comfort of the client, so as long as they are able to lift themselves up onto the table and get back down again, then this won’t be an issue.

The typical height that most massage tables will be set to is somewhere between 23 and 33 inches. To find out what height your massage table should be set to, you’ll need to stand up straight and clench your fists. The surface of the massage table should fit comfortably underneath your fists.

Massage Table Weight

The weight of a massage table is only going to be an important factor if you are a mobile therapist, as you will be carrying the table back and forth to your vehicle a lot. Massage tables generally weigh between 22 lbs and 46 lbs. Anything under 30 lbs will be considered a mobile massage table, but to make life easier, you should really try to get the lightest weight table possible without skimping on size or quality.

The material of the massage tables frame will largely dictate how heavy it is, with aluminum being a more lightweight material than wood. The size of the table will also come into play because if you have opted for a longer than standard table, then this is going to add extra weight to your total. The width of the table is also going to make a significant difference to the overall weight, with more narrow tables being lighter to pick up and transport.