Get Glue Out of Carpet Without Hassle
| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published November 27, 2020

Who doesn’t love walking barefoot on clean carpet while relaxing at home? While it’s not unusual to find coffee or wine stains on carpets, when it comes to glue spills, however, it’s a whole different ball game. If the glue isn’t removed immediately, it can collect dirt and become more difficult to get out of the floor covering.

How to Measure For a Carpet
| Updated February 1, 2024 | Published October 11, 2020

This article provides a comprehensive guide on measuring rooms and stairs for carpeting, showing you the necessary tools and detailed steps for each scenario. We also delve into calculating carpet waste and share essential tips for accurate measuring, emphasizing the importance of considering various room features and carpet dimensions to avoid shortages on installation day.

Carpet Colors for Your Home 
| Updated October 22, 2022 | Published October 11, 2020

Carpet is an easy maintenance, comfortable and warm flooring that has always been a popular choice. When it comes to choosing the color of your carpet, you must make sure it matches the style of your interiors. The right color carpet can completely transform the look and feel of a home, and since you’ll be living with it for a while, you must make the right choice. But how do you know which carpet color is best for your overall decor? Get the answer to your question and more by reading this article now.   

Types of Carpets
| Updated February 9, 2024 | Published September 9, 2020

Hardwood has become the flooring of choice for many people over recent years, however, carpet has many benefits and is well suited to certain areas of the house more so than some types of wood, tile, or laminate. Carpet flooring adds a softness to a room, both aesthetically and functionally. It works well in bedrooms and playrooms, where it provides a warm and cozy feeling against bare feet or a soft and cushiony surface for babies and toddlers to crawl on or fall down on.