14 Inspiring 12′ x 16′ Living Room Layouts

A living room that measures 12 feet by 16 feet is a good size to work with, offering generous space and multiple layout options. Consider these layouts for your living room.

1. Custom Cabinets Lounge Layout

Custom Cabinets Lounge Layout

The layout of this living room makes for an open and airy feeling space, which is in large part due to the fact that the custom-fitted shelves and cabinets negate the need for any additional storage furniture. This allows the floor space to be maximized with plenty of seating, including two sofas and two chairs.

Check out the floor plan below.

Custom Cabinets Lounge Layout Floor Plan

2. Traditional Living Room Layout

Traditional Living Room Layout

A formal yet cozy atmosphere has been achieved in this living room, thanks to the chunky and plush sofas in an almost symmetrical layout design. There are two tables on either side of the fireplace with matching lamps, positioned next to two matching sofas.

The addition of an armchair angled to one side provides extra seating without closing up the space and serves to invite people in instead.

Check out the floor plan below.

Traditional Living Room Layout Floor Plan

3. Open Plan Living Room Layout

Open Plan Living Room Layout

The living room here backs onto a kitchen, but the space has been separated by a large sofa which helps to define the different areas. Two sofas have been positioned at a right angle to create a corner, further serving to visually divide the space and keep it separate from the kitchen and dining room beyond.

This corner angle provides the ideal spot for a coffee table, achieving a cozy and sociable seating area.

Check out the floor plan below.

Open Plan Living Room Layout Floor Plan

4. Executive Living Room Layout

Executive Living Room Layout

This 12-foot by 16-foot room features plenty of seating and yet still has a spacious and open feel to it. Two sofas and a chair are positioned around a large coffee table, with one of the sofas directly facing the TV in the built-in cabinets.

This makes for a space that is suitable for watching TV as well as socializing. The cabinets create lots of storage, which means additional tables or drawers are unnecessary.

Check out the floor plan below.

Executive Living Room Layout Floor Plan

5. Corner Sofa Layout

Corner Sofa Layout

This living room has a corner sofa for the main piece of seating furniture, which occupies one corner of the room and faces toward the fireplace. Directing a sofa towards a fireplace helps to promote a cozy feel in the space and defines the fireplace as being a key focus in the room.

A large coffee table helps to fill the space in the middle of the room and create a feeling of balance.

Check out the floor plan below.

Corner Sofa Layout Floor Plan

6. Modern Lounge Layout

Modern Lounge Layout

This 12′ by 16′ living room benefits from a feature wall with both a fireplace and a TV fixed to it. The seating furniture has been arranged in a U-shape, which includes a corner sofa, a two-seater sofa, and an armchair.

This layout allows plenty of seating where people can view the TV but also creates a cozy space for people to be able to face each other and chat. See some more inspirations in our page on living room with fireplace and Tv Ideas

Modern Lounge Layout Floor Plan

7. Laidback Layout

Laidback Layout

This living room is dominated by a large and plush sectional sofa, which is perfectly positioned for relaxing on and watching the TV on the entertainment unit. This layout is great for a family who prioritizes hanging out together and getting comfortable.

The low coffee table adds to the casual vibe and creates a useful spot for laying out snacks for people to enjoy while watching TV.

Check out the floor plan below.

Laidback Layout Floor Plan

8. Glamorous Living Room Layout

Glamorous Living Room Layout

This stunning living room takes on quite a formal style, with a two-seater and three-seater sofa facing each other at parallel angles.

There is an additional armchair at one end, but none of the seating is facing towards the TV, which suggests this room is intended for entertaining and socializing more so than relaxing.

Check out the floor plan below.

Glamorous Living Room Layout Floor Plan

9. Pretty and Pale Living Room

Pretty and Pale Living Room

This 12-by 16-foot living room layout features a cozy seating area at the very center of it. Rather than place the sofa and chairs along the walls, they have been positioned towards the middle of the room, which brings people closer for socializing.

In a room of this size, if furniture is put around the edge of the space, the middle of the room can feel too vacant. To define the middle of the space as its own area, use an area rug.

Check out the floor plan below.

Pretty and Pale Living Room Floor Plan

10. Basement Living Room Layout

Basement Living Room Layout

Due to its position in the basement of a home, this room does not feature many windows. To ensure the walls don’t feel bare as a result of this, bright artwork has been used, which brightens up the space.

A corner sofa and two extra chairs create a U-shape facing towards the TV unit, with some floor space left free where children can play, or adults can work out.

Check out the floor plan below.

Basement Living Room Layout Floor Plan

11. Country Cottage Living Room Layout

Country Cottage Living Room Layout

The layout of this 12-foot by 16-foot living room is traditional, which is in keeping with the decor style. There are two sofas facing each other, separated by an ottoman footstool.

The TV is displayed on the wall above the fireplace, which saves the need for an additional piece of furniture, and means more floor space is kept free.

Check out the floor plan below.

Country Cottage Living Room Layout Floor Plan

12. Lounge and Diner Layout

Lounge and Diner Layout

This 12 by 16-foot room incorporates both the living room and dining room. The lounge space has been defined by an area rug, and a chair that faces into the living room helps to separate it from the dining room.

Check out the floor plan below.

Lounge and Diner Layout Floor Plan

13. Contemporary Scandinavian Lounge Layout

Contemporary Scandinavian Lounge Layout

The style and layout of furniture and accessories in this 12 by 16-foot living room create a fresh and laidback look.

There is not a lot of furniture, with just one small sofa and a chair, but the space does not look cold or empty due to the presence of houseplants.

Check out the floor plan below.

Contemporary Scandinavian Lounge Layout Floor Plan

14. Modern Retro Layout

Modern Retro Layout

The theme of this interior is modern retro, which is defined by the style of the furniture and decor, and this is further highlighted by the layout of the room, which is simple and straightforward. The area rug in the center of the room helps to create a distinctive space.

Check out the floor plan below.

Modern Retro Layout Floor Plan