Wyoming King Bed Dimensions

Wyoming king-size beds aren’t very common, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve never slept on one. And while they do exist, they’re expensive but worth their price. In recent years, these beds have continued to get increasingly popular. They’re mainly purchased by people who want really large beds- something larger than the traditional king-sized beds. Wyoming king-size beds are one of the biggest beds you can find.

Wyoming king-size beds are most suited for couples who need a lot of space in their bed-for instance, when one partner snores too loudly or moves around too much in their sleep. It’s also suitable for whole families; it could fit a mom, dad, and their three young children. Also, if you have lots of large dogs who love to climb up your bed, then you would love having the Wyoming king bed.

What Are the Dimensions of a Wyoming King Bed?

What Are the Dimensions of a Wyoming King Bed?

Those who love Wyoming king beds love it for being oversized. It measures 84 inches in width and 84 inches in length; this means that the Wyoming king bed is just as long as the California king-size mattress but has 12 inches more width. The Wyoming king bed is also exactly 8″ wider and 4″ longer than a standard king-size bed. The extra space on a Wyoming king bed ensures that users don’t feel cramped when sharing the bed.

Wyoming king-size beds are not usually found readily available in stores. If you need one, you might have to ask a bed maker to make a bespoke one for you. It could cost as much as $3000 to get a Wyoming king bed.

Pros of Buying a Wyoming King-Size Bed

Here are a few pros of buying a Wyoming king bed:

Large Enough for Bigger Couples

While there are smaller beds that can comfortably fit couples, plus-sized couples may find that they need a bed as big as the Wyoming king bed to sleep comfortably at night. This bed size allows you to sleep without any disturbance from your partner. If one partner talks in their sleep or snores loudly or turns and tosses in their sleep, there is enough space on a Wyoming king bed for the other partner to keep their distance from all the distractions.

It’s a Good Bed for Co-Sleeping

Many couples with young children often find that there’s a need to co-sleep from time to time. For instance, a child or two may crawl into their parent’s bed in the middle of a thunderstorm at night. On such nights, the Wyoming king-size bed offers enough space for everyone to spend the night comfortably on the same bed. Also, thunderstorms or not, kids sometimes go through phases where they just won’t sleep on their beds; a Wyoming king-size bed has enough space for everyone to sleep without feeling cramped the next morning.

Cons of Buying a Wyoming King Bed

They are very expensive compared to standard-sized beds. Also, they can’t take more than four people, so larger families may need a larger-sized bed.