Top 16 Toilet Brands You Can Shop Now

If you’re renovating your bathroom, or you need to replace an old broken toilet, you might be surprised to learn about the many different brands of toilet there are for you to choose from. If you thought all toilets are created equal, then you would be wrong, as toilet quality, functionality, style, efficiency, and even comfort can vary hugely between each toilet brand.

Even if you are limited in your choice due to budget, you should still investigate different toilet brands to make sure you don’t purchase a toilet that could cost you more in the long run.

This list encompasses all of the biggest names on the market at the moment when it comes to toilets, as well as some up and coming toilet brands. Learning about that brand most closely aligns with your values in terms of eco-friendliness or design will quickly help you to narrow down your toilet choices and make renovating your bathroom an easier process.

You can also familiarize yourself with trusted names in the toilet industry to ensure you make a sensible purchase.


This company is headquartered in Kitakyushu, Japan, and is the largest manufacturer of toilets in the world. They currently have manufacturing sites in eight countries globally, producing not only toilets but also bidets, showers, and faucets, for distribution to both residential and commercial customers.

This company has been in operation since 1917, and so they have a long and trusted history. However, they are focused on the future and bringing modern design and technology to sanitary ware.

Toto toilets are a premium option for your bathroom, and accordingly, usually, come with quite a hefty price tag. Some of their innovations include toilets that have built-in air fresheners, seat warmers, or washer jets and dryers to keep the user clean and fresh. Aesthetically toilets by Toto also take a modern theme, with toilets that are visually sleek and contemporary.


Kohler is an industry leader when it comes to toilets and other sanitary ware. They have been forging the path of water conservation for several decades, starting back in the 1970s when they began developing toilets that reduced the amount of water used with each flush.

The current high-efficiency toilet models from Kohler offer impressive water-saving benefits, claiming to reduce water consumption by around 16,500 gallons of water each year. Kohler has a long history that dates back to 1883, and its accomplishments include inventing the modern-day bathtub. The company was founded in Wisconsin, and this is where their headquarters are still located today.

When buying a Kohler toilet, you can be certain you will receive a quality piece of equipment that is both functional and attractive, as well as sturdy and reliable. They sell a wide range of toilets that includes everything from basic toilets up to the smart toilets that feature attached washing wands.


This company was founded in 1932 by Polish immigrant Max Gerber. It has grown considerably to become one of the most trusted brands of kitchens and bathroom ware in the US today. Gerber produces not only toilets but also faucets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, and a range of other plumbing fixtures.

Gerber’s range of toilets includes floor-mounted and wall-mounted toilets, and both one-and two-piece toilets. They have a good reputation for manufacturing toilets with powerful flushes.

One of their most well-known inventions is ‘the avalanche’ that won many awards for its strong flush. Gerber is also regarded as being an energy-efficient company. Their toilets are certified by ‘Water Sense,’ which measures the water consumption of each individual toilet so you can be sure of exactly how much water your toilet will use.

On average, Gerber toilets use around 0.3 gallons of water less than average toilets for each flush. While this might sound like an insignificant amount, this can really add up to huge water savings over the space of a year.

American Standard

American Standard is rated as one of the most popular and most trusted toilet brands in North America. This is a company that has been in operation for over a century and is head

American Standard started out as a merger in 1929 between the American Radiator Company that was founded in 1892, and the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company that was founded in 1875. Over the course of the next century, they would go through a few name changes and divisions, eventually leading to the American Standard Brands company in 2008, which is how we know them today.

American Standard makes a wide range of toilets to suit all budgets, from basic toilets right up to the high-end smart toilets with built-in bidets. Their product range is so vast that you can be sure to find a toilet from this company in a style that suits your taste.

Among reviews from users of American Standard products, their toilets were found to be of high performance, with toilets that are known to cut down water consumption and rarely get clogged up.

Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet is best known for manufacturing faucets, but they also make a huge range of all kinds of bathroom products, including toilets. Delta Faucet is a company based in Indiana, and it was founded in 1954. They produce toilets for both commercial and residential customers and offer a wide variety of products to suit almost any requirements and budget.

They are also a very innovative company who have many designs of toilets with added extras to make life that little bit easier. For example,, a toilet with an automatic night light.


Duravit is a German company that started out in 1817 as an earthenware factory. It ventured into producing its first sanitary ware in 1842 when it began manufacturing chamber pots. It wasn’t until 1960 that Duravit established itself as a bathroom brand, but it clearly had a long history of designing and producing sanitary ware.

Today, Duravit is a luxury brand of toilets and other bathroom supplies, targeting the higher end of the market. Its focus is on modern design and innovative technology, producing a range of bathtubs, saunas, whirlpools, and sinks, among other things.

Duravit’s range of toilets includes innovative extras. For example, they are covered in a special coating that is known as ‘Wondergliss.’ This is a coating that is baked onto the toilets during the manufacturing process and helps the toilets repel dirt and limescale. This means that cleaning is easier because a mild detergent will see any nasties easily wiped away.

Duravit toilets also benefit from their soft-close system, which means toilet seats automatically lower very gently and slowly, resulting in a quiet and hands-free close. Many of their toilets also feature different flushing options depending on the user’s preference.

If you’re looking for a luxury toilet, then Duravit is certainly worth investigating, but be prepared to pay a premium for these high-end products.


This is a company that is relatively new to the scene. They are based in Cerritos, California, and have been producing bathroom products since 2005. This company is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its modern-looking toilets and budget-friendly prices. Their toilets are available at most big-name suppliers, including Home Depot, with toilets ranging in price from around $300 to $900.

The look of Woodbridge’s toilets is what sets them apart from most others in this price range. Their toilets benefit from clean lines and a lack of fussiness, giving them a very minimalist look. Their toilets also come in a range of shapes, which even include rectangular toilets that squared off seats. Their focus is on modern design, right down to details such as the flush buttons that are often square or rectangular and in a matte black finish.


This company was founded in 1996 and has become a big player in the sanitary ware industry, with a focus on environmentalism. Their mission is to bring environmentally friendly toilets to the masses, and therefore they manufacture toilets that all have environment-saving features at affordable costs.

All toilets made by Eago include a label from Water Sense who rate their effectiveness in conserving water, so you know exactly how much water you are using with each flush. Their toilets are all covered by a five-year warranty to give you peace of mind and have soft close seat lids to ensure there is no slamming of toilet seats in your home.

Their toilets are also made with a special glaze that gives them a high gloss shine and helps to prevent limescale from sticking to them.

Niagara Conservation

This is an eco-friendly company based in Texas that focuses on manufacturing toilets and showers to reduce water waste. Niagara Conservation’s toilets are based around their innovative ‘Stealth’ design, which aims to completely eliminate water waste. This clever toilet used a combination of air and water to flush, which means that just 0.8 gallons of water are used with each flush, with no loss in terms of power and effectiveness.

To put that into perspective, these toilets use around 80% less water than standard toilets, and one household switching over to a Stealth toilet can expect to save around $125 in water bills per year, saving 15,600 gallons annually. This represents a huge monetary saving over the lifetime of the toilet, not to mention the incredible impact that would have on the environment.

These toilets are also manufactured with a superior ceramic glaze that means it is hard for anything to stick to them, and all waste gets easily washed away in one single flush. If you are keen on saving water, then Niagara Conservation is one of the best eco-friendly toilet companies around.


Zurn was established in 1900 and has headquarters based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are a huge manufacturer of toilets, but aren’t a name consumers are usually aware of because they predominantly supply commercial premises.

The types of places you would probably have encountered a Zurn toilet without realizing include restaurants, hotels, hospitals, malls, and government buildings. They produce a wide range of toilets, including both wall hung and floor fitted toilets. They also have a selection of toilets at different heights to suit different categories of the public. For example,, specialist children’s toilets for schools.

They also produce stainless steel toilets, which are popular in public restrooms as they are long-lasting and easier to clean.


Sterling Faucet Company was founded in 1907 and built an enviable reputation manufacturing high-quality bathroom products at a reasonable price. They were taken under the Kohler umbrella in 1984, adding to the company’s diverse portfolio.

Sterling is known for offering a broad range of toilets and other bathroom products that are both durable and attractive. They are priced at mid-range and provide a solution to customers who want to be secure in the knowledge that they have a good quality toilet that is also an affordable price.


Jacuzzi is a name that is known for making luxurious bathtubs, spas, and hot tubs, but they have extended their range of bathroom products to also include toilets. Their current range of toilets is not very extensive, but if you are purchasing a bathtub from Jacuzzi and want the rest of your sanitary ware to match, then their toilets represent a good option for you.

Their toilets claim to exceed industry standards and are made from superior materials that make for easy cleaning and high shine. They are also high performing toilets that are efficient.


Saniflo started out in France in 1958, creating products for sanitation systems. It created the revolutionary macerator toilet soon afterward and then went on to extend its product line throughout Europe and North America, where its success continued to grow. They are now headquartered in New Jersey and have built an extensive product line that also includes showers.

The Saniflo macerator toilet is not hooked up to plumbing like traditional toilets and therefore represents the opportunity to install toilets anywhere in the home, even where plumbing is not accessible. This was a game-changer in home renovations, as people could now create bathrooms or washrooms in any area of the home without having to remodel and move plumbing pipes.

Saniflo is now the leading name when it comes to macerator toilets and supplies them all over the world. They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications and are renowned for being high quality.

Swiss Madison

This is a lesser-known toilet brand that is slowly gaining popularity. It is a family-owned company that produces a range of bathroom products, including bathtubs, showers, and sinks. Their focus is on providing innovative bathroom products to customers with a special commitment to ensuring excellent customer service.

Swiss Madison toilets fall into the mid-range in terms of price. Their toilets have a very modern and minimalist look and come in a wide range of options, including wall-hung, one-piece, two-piece, and back-to-wall toilets. They also offer toilets at different heights, including ‘comfort height,’ and toilets in different sizes to suit even compact bathrooms.


Anzzi is a North American company that produces a wide range of homeware, including kitchen and bathroom products such as sinks and toilets. Anzzi specializes in creating luxury toilets that are ultra-modern and that they even describe as being like ‘a work of art.’

Anzzi toilets are designed by some of the leading bathroom designers in the industry, and they also create one of a kind toilets for consumers who want custom-made toilets they can be sure nobody else will have. All of Anzzi’s products are backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured that your toilets will be of the highest quality.

As well as being focused on superior aesthetics, Anzzi also prides itself on having the best technology and functionality. Their toilets are all high-performing and efficient, with ‘Water Sense’ certificates to vouch for the fact that they will also help to reduce water wastage. Anzzi toilets, as you would expect, come with an expensive price tag and are ideal for luxury bathrooms.

Mansfield Plumbing

This company is based out of Ohio and produces a wide range of bathroom products for both commercial and residential customers. Mansfield Plumbing toilets are of good quality and also very affordable. If you are on a tight budget but still want a reliable toilet, then Mansfield Plumbing is a good option to consider.

Their toilets start from as little as $140, and their range encompasses a wide variety of options, including high-efficiency toilets, compact toilets, and rounded or elongated bowls for varying levels of comfort.

Their toilets are predominantly of a classic design that will work with most styles of bathroom, and all of their products are made in the USA, supporting local employees. They also manufacture a range of bathtubs and sinks, so you can purchase an entire set of bathroom products to match your toilet.

Top 16 Toilet Brands You Can Shop Now