Size & Dimension Guides

Knowing the specific dimensions of house rooms and objects come in handy when you need to do some house remodels & decorating.

Here’s our reference guide to the sizes of every part of the house, home objects, furniture, plumbing and so on.

Shutter Sizes

External shutters can add a chic country cottage vibe to a home, adding personality to a property that might otherwise look bland or uninteresting. External shutters are purely decorative; however, their size is important if you want them to look authentic and properly finished. Here we look at the standard size for shutters and how to measure them for your own home.

Staple Size for Carpet

The minimum size of staple for installing carpet is half an inch, but staples that are bigger than this can also be used, with 9/16-inch staples also being a popular size.

Shower Pipe Sizes

If you are looking to replace your shower head, then you will need to know the size of your shower pipe to ensure the new head you choose is going to be compatible with it. Here we look at standard shower pipe size and correlating standard shower thread size.

Patio Slab Sizes

Building codes require that concrete patio slabs be at least 3 and a half inches, but the standard depth of a concrete patio slab is 4 inches.This ensures that the patio is strong enough that it won’t crumble but not so thick that it will use unnecessary concrete and increase the cost of the project.

Faucet Hole Sizes

The standard size of a faucet hole is 1 ⅜ inch. This translates to 1.375 inches, or 35mm. Since this is considered to be the standard diameter of a faucet hole, you should assume that this is the measurement of your sink faucet hole unless the specification indicates otherwise.