Folding Table Dimensions and Guidelines (with 3 Drawings)

Folding tables are a brilliant space-saving seating solution for a whole host of situations. If you lack space at home but like to entertain, then you might find a folding table useful to store in a cupboard and then pull out when family or friends are visiting for dinner.

Folding tables are common in the catering industry as they can be used to create a dining area in a marquee or outdoor space for weddings or other celebrations.

You are also likely to find folding tables in school dinner halls because these allow a gymnasium hall to be converted into a dining hall for lunchtime, making large areas of the school multifunctional. Restaurants may also have a few folding tables stored out the back so that they can accommodate extra diners during busy periods.

Folding Table Height

Folding Table Height

The height of a folding table is most commonly around 30 inches from the floor. This makes it a suitable height to work with most standard dining chairs, allowing adults to sit at a comfortable height at the table.

The exception to this is folding bar tables which will be taller to accommodate bar stools, though these are much less popular.

Folding Table Width and Length

Folding Table Widths and Lengths

The width and length of a folding table are much more variable than the height. These measurements will be dictated by the type of folding table and what it is intended to be used for. Here we will look at some of the more common types of folding tables and their dimensions.

Circular Folding Table

Small circular folding tables are very popular for use outdoors and are widely used on balconies and garden terrace areas as a nice spot to enjoy breakfast or a mid-morning coffee in the summer.

These types of tables are also known as bistro tables because they are commonly seen outside European bistros lining the streets in warmer months. These tables fold up for easy storage, so they can be neatly stored in a garden shed or indoor cupboard when not in use.

Bistro tables seat two to three people and have a diameter or width measurement of around 36 inches. Large circular folding tables are commonly used for events such as awards ceremonies and wedding celebrations, and these will have a diameter of around 60 inches in order to comfortably seat 8 people.

Square Folding Table

Square folding tables come in various sizes. For a 2 seater table, these tables start with a width measurement of around 23 inches, and of course, due to the square shape, the length will also be the same measurement.

Square folding tables, which are intended to seat 4 people, will have a width of around 36 inches. It is unusual, though not impossible, to find square tables which seat more than 4 people, because these simply don’t make good use of space.

For situations where you would need more than 4 spaces for people to sit, round, oval, or rectangular tables make much more sense for most spaces. On a very large square table, some people would be seated too far apart from each other to be able to hold a conversation, whereas a rectangular-shaped table brings people closer together who sit across from each other.

Rectangular Folding Table

Rectangular folding tables come in a wide range of sizes, as they are so adaptable and well suited to a variety of scenarios. Rectangular folding tables can be used at home, in the backyard, for events, conferences, board meetings, catering events, and school cafeterias.

For home and garden use, or restaurant use, a 4 seater table is most common. These will have a width of approximately 30 inches and a length of 48 inches and seat two people along each length. To seat 6 people, a rectangular folding table will have a width of around 30 inches and a length of 72 inches.

For school cafeterias, 10 seater tables are more common. These will measure approximately 30 inches in width and 96 inches in length. Longer folding tables to accommodate even more covers are available.

In most scenarios, rectangular tables will have a width of 30 inches, but the length will vary as this is the side of the table where people will be seated. Each diner will occupy around 2 feet in space lengthways, so to accommodate more people, you will need to add 2 feet in length for every additional 2 people (one on either side).

For example, a 10 seater rectangular folding table is 96 inches long, which is the equivalent of 8 feet. To seat an extra person on each length, this measurement will need to be extended by 2 feet, or 24 inches, bringing the total length of the table to 120 inches or 10 feet.

Banquet Table Width

Folding Banquet Table Width

A banquet table is a table where the food is displayed, where diners might approach the table to serve themselves. This type of table is common at weddings, buffet restaurants, business conferences, hotel breakfasts, and potluck parties.

Banquet folding tables are great because they can be easily transported by catering companies to different events, and they can be stored without taking up much space.

The most common length for a banquet table is 96 inches or 8 feet. This provides ample space to display an impressive spread of food and yet is still small enough to fit into a standard-sized room or the back of a van when folded in half. The width measurement of a folding banquet table will ordinarily be between 22 and 30 inches.

A more narrow banquet table will prevent diners from having to reach over other food to reach their desired dish, while a broader banquet table will allow more food to be displayed to feed a greater number of people. If you want your folding banquet table to double up as a dining table, then choose the 30-inch width because this will allow diners to sit on either side.