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After graduating in 2011, Steve worked in the interior design industry as a sales, advisor, and marketer. He has been writing and editing since 2014 mostly in the home decor and gardening industry. His area of expertise includes home decor, color matching, and home improvement. Steve is passionate about architecture, interior trends, using colors, and improving all parts of his home. 10 years of professional web publishing and media experience. 8 years working in the home design and interior decor industry.

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What Color to Paint Closet Doors

Closet doors can be painted any color you like, reflecting your own personal style and taste. The color you select to paint closet doors will be impacted by your personal preferences and the overall design and color scheme of the room or space where the closet is located. Here we look at tips to help you choose the best paint color for your closet doors, and explore some of the most popular closet door paint colors.

Farmhouse table dimensions
| Updated March 18, 2024 | Published March 18, 2024

The typical height for a farmhouse table is around 30 inches (76 cm). A small farmhouse table will be from 60 to 72 inches (152 to 183 cm long) and 36 to 40 inches (91 to 102 cm) wide. A medium-sized farmhouse table will be 72 to 96 inches (183 to 244 cm) long and around 40 inches (102 cm) wide. A large farmhouse table can be more than 96 inches (244 cm) long and at least 40 inches (102 cm wide).

Caulk Not Drying Causes & What to Do

Caulk is easy to work with, but if you find that your caulk isn’t drying as it should then you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to help it cure. When caulk isn’t drying within the expected timeframe it is usually a result of climate conditions or poor application. Fortunately, in most cases, this can be easily remedied.

How to Cover a Mirror Wall
| Updated March 8, 2024 | Published March 8, 2024

Mirror walls can be a practical and appealing feature in a room, but they aren’t to everyone’s taste. If you have a mirrored wall that you can’t stand the sight of, there are a number of ways you could consider covering it.

Distance Between Countertop and Upper Cabinets

The standard distance between a kitchen counter and the upper cabinets is 18 inches or 46cm. This space will work in most kitchens for most people, but there is some tolerance. You might find in some scenarios that 18 inches is not ideal, in which case, a distance of between 15 inches and 20 inches will be acceptable.

What color is fawn
| Updated February 27, 2024 | Published February 27, 2024

Fawn is a pale yellowish-brown or tan color, often described as a light, muted brown with a hint of yellow or beige. The term “fawn” is commonly used to describe the color of the coat of certain animals, such as deer, which can have a light brown or tan coloration similar to this shade. Here we look at similar colors to fawn, and how this shade can be implemented in home decor for a stylish effect.

How Many Steps in a Flight of Stairs

The average flight of stairs in a residential property will have between 10 and 18 steps, though this number can vary depending on various factors. The building regulations for stairs will be different from one state to the next and one country to the next, but generally, residential properties have much less stringent codes to follow regarding stairs compared with commercial or public buildings.

Types of Basement Walls
| Updated February 10, 2024 | Published February 10, 2024

When designing or building a basement, you will face the option of which type of wall to use for your construction. Here we explore the pros and cons of the three main types of basement walls to help you make a more informed decision.

Coat Hook Spacing and Height
| Updated February 1, 2024 | Published February 1, 2024

The ideal height and spacing distance for your coat hooks will be determined by the area of the home they are in, what you plan to hang from them, and who is going to be using them. Determining this will improve functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. Meanwhile, A 9-12 inches spacing between each coat hook is generally recommended.

Floating Shelf Sizes & Depth

For versatile needs, standard floating shelves come in widths of 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 inches, and depths of 4, 6, 8, and 10 inches. Choose 24-inch wide shelves for versatility in most rooms or 48-inch shelves for a bold statement in larger spaces. Depth-wise, 6 inches serves multiple purposes, while 10 inches is ideal for bulkier items.

How to Keep the Tablecloth from Sliding

Tablecloths are considered an essential addition to place settings in many homes and restaurants, but they can become quite frustrating if they don’t stay in place.

Closet Rod Height
| Updated January 23, 2024 | Published January 23, 2024

. Whichever type of closet you have, you’ll need to set the closet rod to a suitable height for storing your clothing.