Top 9 Warmest Blankets for Bed This Winter

Sure, spring may feel around the corner, but our rapidly shifting weather patterns mean that chilly nights are probably going to stick around with us for a few more weeks.

Few things can derail a good night’s sleep or a Netflix marathon, like the uncomfortable feeling of chilled bones. Often, an electric blanket may be the best way to shake this feeling off – but if you are not too eager to pay for the extra electricity (or deal with a larger carbon footprint), then the solution should be to get a regular high-quality blanket.

And that’s the crux of the matter, is it? A cheap blanket from the local big box store may not be as pretty, large, or easy to wash as you need. So what makes a good winter blanket these days? And where can you find the best?

Stay tuned to find out!

What Makes a Good Winter Blanket?

From a scientific point of view, a blanket’s job is to trap the heat around you, creating a nice cave of warmth in your immediate surroundings. A big part of a blanket’s warmth potential will come down to material: cushy fabrics such as pure wool or filled ones will provide the best insulation.

A good blanket should be able to accomplish this with durable and hygienic materials: you don’t want your own sweat or any accidental breadcrumbs to turn that hot cave into a nest of bacteria.

Therefore, a good blanket should be made from the kind of material that doesn’t require special dry cleaning. Extra points should be added if it is as easy or quick to dry as it is to wash. Since a blanket is also meant to be a comfy, restful item, extra points were awarded for a soft texture or a pleasurable feel to it. Finally, we considered how beautiful each blanket is – or, since this is subjective, whether it was available in many different colors.

Top Winter Blankets for 2021

If you are determined to chase after the best possible quality, then check out any of the blankets showcased below.

Poyet Motte 100% Wool Blanket

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There are many advantages to 100% wool blankets, and many of them compensate for the long washing instructions attached. Wool is a water-resistant fabric that will keep you dry even if you accidentally spill a hot cup of tea on top of you. Besides, the tightly-meshed wool fibers can be a blessing for allergy sufferers, as they will trap many volatile particles and prevent them from reaching your nose.

These advantages may be universal to all pure wool, but they are maximized when you are dealing with quality stuff. This blanket is made from authentic French Poyet Motte wool, and therefore feels soft and silky to the touch. It is smooth enough to protect your skin from any irritation. The simple edges and deep camel color will stay intact through several washing cycles and will provide your bed with a rustic, cowboy-like flair.

Sedona House Fleece King Sized Blanket

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Many of us rarely take into consideration the cost of future bedding when first purchasing a King Sized bed. So if you are trying to keep your master bedroom naps comfortable, maximizing softness for the best possible price, then a fleece blanket will give you the best bang for your buck.

The Sedona House Fleece blanket is a very budget-friendly option for added warmth. This is the kind of blanket that you shouldn’t be afraid to throw around on your carpet, by the couch, or even around a bonfire. It is made from high-quality polyester, so it will be very easy to wash and will dry completely after just a few hours of hanging.

Finally, it is available in six different colors, ranging from a standard sober gray to electric purple and teal.

State Cashmere Throw Blanket

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Cashmere is not just any wool – it is usually one of the most luxurious and highly regarded types of wool. It comes from the coats of a special breed of goats, originally hailing from China and Mongolia, which produces a very thick and warming fiber. Good cashmere also tends to be extremely durable and doesn’t lose its shape easily. Although it doesn’t have the same water-repellent ability as other types of wool such as Merino, Cashmere is known for having fire-retardant capabilities.

In the case of these State Throw blankets, you will get both qualities: these 2-ply blankets combine an inner layer of warm Cashmere wool with a fine outer layer of Merino. However, these are just all added perks of what is a fashionable, brightly colored décor accent. These throw pillows come in two soothing color combinations (camel and beige or navy and heather gray). The tartan-inspired design gives them a little bit of personality without them being garish.

Eddie Bauer Fairview Collection Quilt

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Yes, technically, there is a difference between a quilt and a proper blanket – but when temperatures take a dip towards the single digits, there’s a good chance that you will really need the quilt. Besides, a good quilt offers a few extra advantages that are worth sacrificing the flexibility of a regular blanket. By offering padded spaces, they can increase insulation and add a very comfortable layer of extra weight on top of you – which may be just what you need to keep the chill away from your bones.

This Eddie Bauer quilt scores extra points if you happen to live somewhere with very humid winters. By combining 80% cotton with 20% polyester, you will sharply increase your warmth rating without losing the clean breathability of the cotton. If you have pets or are also fond of snacking in bed, this will go a long way in keeping your bedding clean and fresh.

Plus, the designs showcased by the Fairview collection are just beautiful: rarely do you get to see a gray and light brown palette with so much personality. If you have wooden or neutral accents in your room, this quilt will add a personal touch without clashing.

Puredown Packable Down Throw Blanket

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Down blankets are a favorite investment for frequent travelers and campers because of several reasons: first, they are very light and easy to compress or roll tightly, so if you accidentally find that your suitcase is triggering any overweight fees, your blanket won’t be to blame. In addition, it is very easy to wash and will provide you with a little bit of comfort whenever you have to sleep in rough conditions.

This Puredown throw blanket also has a remarkably peach skin shell that feels incredibly soft to the touch – something that most down fabrics don’t offer. The filling is 25% natural feathers, which increases its softness and keeps it from trapping smells. Plus, the polyester coating is moisture-wicking, which will protect the inside from any unexpected rain or spilled drinks. As an extra layer of guarantee, this blanket has been disinfected and certified by OXIPOWER.

Quility Weighted Blankets

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Often, the act of hiding beneath a blanket is not just about looking for heat or even for the cozy comfort of an afternoon in front of the TV. For many people who suffer from frequent panic attacks, generalized anxiety, or who are just attacked by restlessness when it’s time to sleep, a good blanket becomes a safe haven.

Research has now pointed out that the comfort we feel when weighted down at bedtime is very real. This is why weighted blankets, which were an eccentricity just a few years ago, are now featured on almost all bedding stores. Most tend to be significantly more expensive than regular blankets, so it’s worth investing in a good set that will last you forever,

This weighted option by Quility is made from a cotton and mink duvet, filled with 15 pounds of micro glass beads. The careful sectioning ensures the blanket is balanced and even and that it will remain so no matter how many times you throw it in the washing machine. The solid pattern is meant to feel “just like a hug.” It is available in five different colors, from standard gray or navy blue to bright pink and yellow.

Boll & Branch Waffle Blanket

If you are looking for a heavy, springy feel to your coverings without the hassle of animal fibers, a waffle blanket might be a good compromise. In particular, this option by Ball & Branch will provide moderate warmth year-round, especially if you live somewhere very humid.

The texture feels very soft and smooth on the skin. This blanket is also thick enough to serve as a top blanket if you are going for that “luxury hotel” feel to your bed. As it is made mostly from cotton, the fabric will remain breathable without sacrificing insulation. This makes it a great option for a couple who runs at different body heat.

It is available in six solid colors, ranging from plain white to mineral blue and blushing mauve.

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

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Sometimes, blankets are meant to be integrated as part of your décor – and if you have already invested a lot on providing your home with a rustic, lumberjack-like feel, then you should make sure that your extra blanket matches the rest of the room.

The Arcturus Military blankets are a great option for this: made from 80% wool, with some artificial fibers added, they keep their colors sober and their contrasting edges neatly stitched. As far as warmth goes, this 4-pound blanket is nothing to sneer at: as elegant as it may look next to a fireplace, the fabric blend was made to withstand the outdoor winds.

The fabric combination offers the fire-retardant and waterproofing typical of pure wool. However, it also gives you some of the perks of synthetic fibers without feeling cheap. It will feel a lot softer against your skin and prevent you from getting chafed or developing a contact allergy. Plus, the fabric has been triple-washed to prevent it from shrinking or shedding.

Chanasya Super Soft Throw Blanket

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Over the past couple of decades, animal pelts have fallen out of favor because of concerns about animal cruelty and sustainability. Yet, there is something very primal on the way a pelt-like material feels. This Chanasya blanket lets you experience the decadent feel of natural fur without any of the ethical quandaries: it is made from Sherpa wool and microfiber, specially treated to give it that faux newborn fur texture.

Fuzzy, soft, and warm, the texture also gives this blanket a little bit of extra padding, making it great for any day in which you want to just lie down by the floor. Plus, unlike real fur, it can be machine washed as long as you keep it to a gentle cycle and tumble dry it at a low temperature. Finally, it is available in 10 different colors, which range from the natural-looking chocolate brown, crude, cream, or wintery frost-tipped black, to the celebratory orchid purple, yellow, or tie-dye blue.

 Boruina Textured Throw Blanket

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With the right technology, warmth doesn’t need to come at a heavy (or large) price. This textured throw blanket by Bourina, for example, is remarkably light and deceptively thin – so if you were to find it at a local store, you would be tempted to overlook it for not being “warm enough.”

Once again, the magic comes down to the materials. It is made from a high-density acrylic blend that produces a lot of extra heat without the need for tightly-loomed, heavy fibers. It was also designed to use sustainable materials: the fabric itself is made from recycled plastics, and all the dyes are environmentally-friendly and safe for pets or children. The blanket itself won’t shed or spoil any other clothes that you wash it with. It comes in 16 different colors, some very bright, but none of them will ruin your gym socks.

Top 9 Warmest Blankets for Bed This Winter