10 Best Paint Colors for Gray Floors

Best Paint Colors for Gray Floors

Gray is now among the most popular color choices for flooring because it is a classic modern neutral. Gray is an available option for a range of flooring types, including carpet, tile, vinyl, and even laminate and hardwood.

If you have a gray floor, then you’re in luck because this is a color that can work with almost any wall paint color. Here we look at some of the best paint colors to use with a gray floor.

Paint Colors for Dark Gray Floors

Dark gray floors could come in the form of charcoal-colored carpets, slate floor tiles, or graphite-colored vinyl flooring, among others.

If you have dark gray floors, then the best paint colors for your walls are going to depend on the type of atmosphere and style you want to achieve. Dark gray floors will do a really good job of grounding the space, but they can also make it feel oppressive in some cases.

Embrace the darkness

In a room with dark gray floors, the floor is going to absorb a lot of the light and make the space feel dim. You can embrace this by using a medium to dark shade of paint on the wall, creating a dusky, shadowy room that can feel intimate and cozy. This can be achieved using darker shades of warm tones, such as burnt orange or taupe.

Cool dark shades will also work well for dark gray floors. For example, emerald green or midnight blue. This will make for a more dramatic, elegant look with a dark gray floor, as opposed to a cozy, inviting space.

Dark wall colors were avoided for several decades in home interior design as they were associated with making rooms feel small and drab; however, over the last few years, there has been a growing trend for dark painted walls and dark rooms in the home in general.

Dark wall colors are known to add depth to a space and even make smaller rooms feel bigger because they create the sense that the walls are receding.

Dark spaces are also considered to be sophisticated and stylish, which is another reason why more and more people are taking the plunge and painting their walls in darker colors.

Bright and fresh finish

If you aren’t drawn to dark paint colors and instead would prefer to create a light and breezy feel in your room with a dark gray floor, you can do this by using pale colors.

In a room with dark flooring, you have the opportunity to create a really bold contrast between the floors and the walls by using a starkly different color and shade. For dark gray floors, an off-white paint color on the walls would look striking and contemporary.

If you’d prefer a more subtle look, opt for a softer paint color such as pale greige or beige.

Theme and style

When choosing a paint color to pair with your dark gray floors, don’t focus too much on choosing a complementary color and instead look to the type of style or theme you want in your space.

Finding the perfect shade of beige to go with your dark gray floors is all very well, but if you want a nautical theme, then you should instead be looking at more blue or white wall paint choices.

Since dark gray is a neutral floor color, it is going to work well with almost any paint color you choose. In a botanical-themed room, opt for paint colors inspired by nature, such as greens and tans. In a beach-themed room, opt for blue-based colors.


Farrow & Ball- Off White

Farrow & Ball- Off White

This is one of Farrow & Ball’s original paint colors, and it remains one of their most popular neutrals. It is a mid-tone off-white that has some green undertones that ensure it feels fresh yet soft.

This is a muted off-white that will create a bold contrast against dark gray floors, reflecting light and making for a clean and airy look.


Sherwin-Williams- Barcelona Beige

Sherwin-Williams- Barcelona Beige

This is a deep shade of beige that is ideal for creating a comforting appeal in a room with a dark gray floor.

It is a perfectly neutral color because it isn’t intensely warm, but it also doesn’t have any cool undertones, and this means it can pair well with any accent color.


Sherwin-Williams- Anew Gray

Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, 1-Gallon, Satin, Comparable Match of Sherwin Williams* Anew Gray*

This is a shade of greige that leans more towards gray than beige, but it has just enough beige undertones that mean it doesn’t read as cool.

In a room with dark floors, this color will make the space feel inviting, and the gray tones will coordinate with the gray of the flooring. It has a distinctly modern appeal that works especially well in kitchens and living rooms.


Farrow & Ball- Green Smoke

Farrow & Ball- Green Smoke

This is a dark and dusky green that has a generous splash of gray to give it that smokey appeal. Use this paint color on the walls in a room with dark gray floors if you want to create an intimate atmosphere. This works well for bedrooms and dining rooms especially.


Benjamin Moore- Woodlawn Blue

Prestige Paints P400-P-HC-147BM Interior Paint and Primer In One Satin Comparable Match of Benjamin Moore, 1 gallon, Woodlawn Blue

This is an uplifting shade of light blue that would work well in a room with dark gray floors if you are trying to brighten the space or create a sense of relaxation. It has gray undertones that will coordinate with the floor, while the pale sky blue color will reflect light.


Benjamin Moore- Georgetown Pink

Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, 1-Gallon, Satin, Comparable Match of Benjamin Moore* Georgetown Pink Beige*

This is a very pale and dusky shade of pink that can almost read as a neutral. It will make for a nice contrast against dark gray floors while maintaining a casual feel.

Pink and gray always work well together, creating a style that is modern and uplifting.

Paint Colors for Light Gray Floors

Light gray floors could be hardwood with white-wash stain or pale gray marble floor tiles. Light gray floors will make a room feel open and airy, and you can capitalize on this with light-colored walls or create a contrast with darker paint colors.

Dark walls can work well in rooms with light gray floors because you won’t run the risk of making the whole space overwhelmingly dark and instead can just benefit from the sense of depth achieved by using dark shades at eye level.

If you have felt cautious about using dark wall paints, then doing so with light floors is a safer option.

Easy breezy

The easiest way to decorate a room with light gray floors is to choose a white or off-white shade for the walls. Both warm or cool shades of off-white paint can work with light gray walls, and they will make for a space that feels bright and fresh.

If you want to add some definition between the floors and the walls, then choose a medium to dark shade of paint for the trim, such as fog gray for a subtle contrast or navy blue for a strong contrast.

Dramatic darks

If you want to experiment with a dark-colored wall paint, then doing so in a room with a light gray floor is the best space to test the waters.

You can use a dark color on the walls in the knowledge that it isn’t going to make the whole room feel gloomy because the floor is still going to reflect light and maintain a certain sense of brightness.


Benjamin Moore- Intense White

Benjamin Moore- Intense White

This is a bright shade of white that is perfect for making a space with light gray floors feel fresh and clean. The paint has very subtle gray undertones that will coordinate with the gray of the floor and also create an airy atmosphere.

If your floor is a very pale shade of gray, then add some definition by painting trim in a slightly darker color.


Ralph Lauren- Artist Gray

Ralph Lauren Artist Gray

This is a dark shade of gray that will create a bold contrast against a light gray floor. It has cool blue tones, so use it with a cool-toned light gray floor surface for a sense of consistency and harmony.

A pure white painted trim would separate light gray floors and dark gray walls perfectly.


Benjamin Moore- Symphony Blue

Benjamin Moore Symphony Blue

This is a heavily saturated blue paint that has a darkness and depth to it; however, it doesn’t make a room feel dark and gloomy, even when the room isn’t well lit.

The intensity and richness of the blue can make a room feel expansive, and this will be highlighted by a light gray floor. For these reasons, this is a great color combination for small rooms such as a bathroom.


Benjamin Moore- Exotic Purple

Benjamin Moore- Exotic Purple

This is a deep and dark shade of purple that feels determinedly regal and royal. It borders on a dark amethyst jewel tone that adds to its sense of luxury.

Use this paint on the walls in a room with light gray walls to create drama without making the space feel dark.