14 Best Picks for Luxury Masculine Bedding Sets

So you’ve just moved into your own bachelor pad and you can’t wait to personalize each and every one of its rooms. You’ve thought of how you’ll be furnishing the space with a cool mid-century vibe and hanging some unique artworks on the walls, with a few indoor plants here and there. But what about your bedding? Considering we spend almost a third of our lifetime sleeping, why wouldn’t we make our bed as luxurious and comfortable as possible?

There are so many ideas for luxury masculine bedding sets that it can often be confusing for a man to make a choice. But even if you’re on a budget, you can still create a luxurious bedroom – if you know where to look.

In this article, I will provide you with a quick buying guide on selecting the right bedding for your bedroom as well as 14 of my best picks for luxury masculine bedding sets. So let’s delve right in.

How to Select the Best Bed Sheets

Since you spend most of your time between the sheets, it’s only right that you choose the most comfortable bed sheets. And considering how long your skin is exposed to these sheets throughout the night, it’s important to put this bedding item on top of your list of priorities.

To get you off to a good start, pick two or three sets of light cotton sheets for warmer seasons. For colder weather, it’s always best to choose one or two sets of flannel or microfiber sheets.

Color Matters

With so many designs, patterns, and colors to choose from, it can be quite disorientating to pick the best one for your bachelor pad. White is understandably bland and boring so I won’t be recommending it for a masculine bedroom. To help you pick the best bedding colors, keep reading this article for all the color combinations I’ve put together in my list of examples.

Choosing the Best Comforter

To make your bed even more appealing, you need to think about a plush comforter and a retro blanket. Similar to a puffy coat, comforters are the thicker versions of blankets, which are ideal for fall and winter months. But you don’t want to always have a comforter on your bed when it’s warmer outside. A light and comfortable hypoallergenic blanket is an absolute must.

In terms of comforter material, go with a down quality to prepare for winter. And if you’re looking for adding a decorative touch to your bedroom, opt for Egyptian cotton, which is currently in fashion. Patch quilts also add a cozy appearance to a man’s bedroom since they’re mostly found in cabin-style or rustic bedrooms.

With the above tips in mind, let’s now take a look at 14 top-rated luxury masculine bedding sets you can buy online.

1. Mother Nature Bedding Design

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Give your masculine bedroom a refreshing touch with this decorative Mother Nature bedding set. The unique design of the duvet cover set from Ambesonne is perfect for any modern or traditional bedroom decor. It matches well with any other color palettes and bedroom accessories. The 2-piece grey/white queen-size bedding set comes with 1 pillow sham and 1 duvet cover with a beautiful tree print as a fun design.

2. Nautical-Themed Bedding

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Another beautiful masculine bedding set from the same brand, Ambesonne, is the decorative ocean-themed open sunny print bedding set that comes with 2 pillow shams and 1 duvet cover in white cream color. The sand, sun, and sea provide natural themes for any male bedroom. These calming and pleasing patterns will appeal to most men who are fond of fishing and sailing. Why not create a nautical-themed bedroom and add this bedding set to complete the look!

3. Animal Themed Bedding

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If you’re not keen on nature or sea themes, consider animal-themed bedding to bring out the wild side of you. Eagles, tigers, wolves, and similar animals can be chosen as print figures in fabrics for male bedroom decor. Alternatively, you may opt for fantasy creatures like winged snakes or dragons. This retro-style African-themed bedding from Sleepwish features abstract wild animal prints in orange and black colors. The bedding set includes 1 duvet cover and 2 king size pillow shams.

4. Bold Geometric Patterns

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Bold geometric patterns make a great choice for luxury masculine bedding sets. They can brighten up a bedroom and make a strong statement. This modern geometric bedding set in finn blue color from Intelligent Design is suitable for all seasons and comes as a 5-piece set, including 1 comforter, 2 shams, and 2 decorative pillows. What I love about this bedding set is its 100% hypoallergenic properties that protect your skin from allergies or irritants.

5. Grey and Black Bedding

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Transform your king size bed into a truly masculine focal point with this luxurious grey and black comforter set from Madison Park. It adds a beautiful texture to the whole bed and comes as a 7-piece set. You’ll get 1 comforter made from micro-suede for an ultra-soft feel, 3 decorative pillows that feature a nature-inspired leaf print, 1 bed skirt and 2 shams. The best thing about this comforter set is that it’s wrinkle-resistant, thus eliminating the need to iron. (isn’t ironing something we all hate!).

6. Taupe Bedding Set

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Have you ever considered the color taupe for your bedding set? It is a dark grey/brown color that usually appears in modern and rustic style spaces. With this 100% cotton quilt bedding set from Woolrich, you can make a fashion statement throughout all seasons. The breathable coverlet bedspread set comes as 3 pieces including a king size reversible quilt and 2 matching king size shams. This masculine bedding set is an excellent option for a cabin style or traditional masculine bedroom.

7. All-Black Bedding Set

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For the softest and silkiest feel of bedding that’s both functional and luxurious, consider this 8-piece comforter set. Complete the sophisticated look of your bedroom with an all-black bedding set that includes a microfiber comforter, 1-bed skirt, 2 pillow shams, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. This bedding set fits both full size and queen size beds. What makes this product stand out is its double-sided storage pockets, which are perfect for keeping your personal belongings within easy reach. For example, you can put your smartphone, books, or the TV’s remote control safely tucked into the storage pockets of this bedding. It’s a must-have for every man’s bed!

8. Red and Grey Bedding Set

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Add a manly vibe to your bedroom with this red and grey bedding set from Comfort Spaces. The trendy 9-piece comforter set is suitable for all seasons and features microfiber stripe printed sheets. It makes a perfect addition to a masculine and minimalist bedroom. The ultra soft and lightweight hypoallergenic comforter filling is ideal for all-year-round use. The set includes a full size comforter, 2 shams, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet with 2 side pockets, and 4 pillowcases.

9. Light Green Bedding Set

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Nature-inspired colors like light green can easily create a relaxed and lived-in look. This vintage style duvet cover set from Jellymoni contains 3 pieces of luxury soft bedding for king size beds. What’s so great about this masculine bedding set is the fact that no ironing is required. It has a naturally wrinkled texture with no static electricity. No matter how many times you wash the ultra-soft and comfy duvet cover, it won’t shrink nor fade. The set includes a king-size comforter and 2 pillowcases.

10. Sleek Black and Gold Bedding Set

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Create an elegant manly bed with this sophisticated comforter set by Sterling Creek.  Thanks to the exquisite design of this comforter set, your masculine bedroom will look and feel like a 5-star luxury hotel suite. The combination of bold black woven and gold jacquard is an exquisite touch for a luxurious look. The comforter set comes with 3 decorative pillows 2 shams, 1 round pillow and 1-bed skirt in an elaborate design.

11. Multi-Colored Striped Bedding Set

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So you’ve seen all the different color ideas for luxury masculine bedding sets, but how about a range of colors in one set? Just take a look at this 3-piece bedding set from Cozy Line Home Fashions that features navy, blue, white, and brown plaid cotton bedspread. What you’ll get: 1 quilt and 2 standard shams to create a cottage feel in your bedroom. Since this bedding set is reversible, you can easily and quickly change your bedroom’s look whenever you want!

12. Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set

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Egyptian cotton is a popular and ultra-comfortable material used for luxury bedding sets. For any man who wants to bring a touch of modernity to their bedroom, this charcoal grey duvet quilt cover set makes a perfect choice. Whether you like a minimalist or retro style bedroom or you wish to complement your bedroom decor with a cool undertone, the 400-thread Egyptian cotton bedding will offer a crisp look and a soft feel to keep you warm in winter. The high-quality queen size bedding set comes with a comforter and 2 pillow shams. The premium quality fabric becomes softer with every wash and comes with discreet inside ties to keep the comforter in place.

13. Micro-Suede Bedding

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Another stylish comforter set with an impressive plaid pattern is this excellent quality comforter set that’s very pleasant to the touch. The premium-quality micro-suede bedding complements any modern man’s active lifestyle without the need to iron it often. The rustic dark grey coloring of this bedding from Eddie Bauer is ideal for a luxury masculine bedroom. The set includes 1 queen size reversible comforter and 2 matching shams.

14. Luxury Embroidery Pattern Bedding

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Looking for a modern yet cozy bedding set? This queen size light grey and black bedding comforter set from Chezmoi is a 7-piece luxury leaves embroidery that sets the mood in the bedroom. Any man who wants to add a charming and elegant comforter set as a centerpiece will make a winning choice with this bedding set. The striking color combinations draw the eye immediately to the comforter’s design. The beautiful striped embroidery pattern set includes 1 queen size comforter, 2 shams, 2 cushions, 1 bedskirt, and 1 breakfast pillow.

14 Best Picks for Luxury Masculine Bedding Sets