9 Best Kitchen Clocks – Buying Guide & Reviews

Kitchen Clocks

If you’re in the market for a kitchen clock, you’ll be pleased, and maybe slightly overwhelmed, to find that the selection available is seemingly never-ending. To help you narrow down your choice of a clock, consider this useful buying guide and reviews of some of the best-selling kitchen clocks.

Buying Guide:

The advantages of having a wall clock in your kitchen include:


The practical benefits of having a clock in your kitchen are pretty obvious; whenever you are in the kitchen, you will know what the time is! This is an advantage in several ways. For example, it can allow you to keep an eye on the time so that you don’t overcook or undercook your food, and it can also serve as a reminder to make sure you aren’t late for work or appointments.

Style Statement

The other key benefit of having a clock in your kitchen is that it helps to contribute to the look of the interior and make a style statement. It can be hard to display a particular type of style in a kitchen because the room is predominantly made up of cupboards, so a small wall clock is a great way to encourage your interior style in a certain direction.

Before buying your kitchen wall clock, you should consider which elements of the clock are most important to you. Do you favor practicality over style? Are you bothered by clocks that tick noisily? Is there a particular color of a clock that would accent your current kitchen? These are the considerations you should mull over prior to settling on the right clock for you.

Analog or Digital

Clocks are found in both analog form, where they have a typically round face with hands that move around the face, and digital form, where the time is displayed in numerical digits on a screen. Analog clocks tend to have a more traditional look, but they can be found in modern styles. Digital clocks have a more utilitarian appeal in terms of looks. For ease of use, many people prefer digital clocks as they can see the exact time at a glance without having to think about it too much. Analog clocks are good to have around the home as they help children to learn how to tell the time.


Size is an important factor when buying your kitchen clock. You’ll need to measure your space beforehand to check that the clock you purchase will fit into its designated spot. The size of a clock is also important because if it is too small, it can be difficult to read the time correctly. If you have impaired vision, you may want to seek out a larger clock to make reading the time from across the room a simple task.


If you want your clock to fit in seamlessly with your interior design, you should consider the style of the clock. Clocks are available in a huge range of designs, varying from the farmhouse style to nautical, minimalist, traditional, and contemporary. The style of your clock can help highlight the style of your kitchen and make a statement about you. You can also find themed clocks if you have a particular hobby or animal that you like.


The sound a clock makes is something that people often overlook when buying a clock, and it isn’t until you get the clock home that you find it is surprisingly loud and cannot bear the sound of it! If you are somebody who is irritated by the sound of ticking, then you should look for a silent or whisper-quiet clock, and be sure to check customer reviews because some clocks which claim to be silent actually aren’t. Conversely, some people can find the gentle ticking of a clock quite soothing, so if this is the case, you can search for a clock with this feature.


The color of your clock can either blend in with your kitchen color scheme, or it can make a bold contrasting statement. When considering what color you want your clock to be, this will go hand in hand with considering the style. Minimalist interiors often stick to monochromatic colors, and a black clock can look particularly striking on a plain white wall. You can also think about matching the color of your clock to other accessories you have in the kitchen, such as a vase or plant pot.


The majority of kitchen clocks that are designed to be mounted on the wall are battery-powered. This prevents an unattractive wire from being seen hanging down from the clock to a power socket. Battery-powered clocks are great because they use very little energy, and so you will typically find that the clock can run effectively for years until the battery runs out and you need to replace it.

The downside of this is that you’ll need to keep an eye on the clock’s accuracy so that you know when the battery needs to be changed. Some kitchen clocks which sit on a shelf might run on mains power, and there are advantages to this too. A clock running on mains power will not need the maintenance of changing a battery, but if you have a power outage, then the clock will stop. You’ll also need to consider where the wire will go to prevent it from looking ugly on your kitchen counter.

Product Reviews

Considering our above criteria, here are the best kitchen clocks you can buy.

1. FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Farmhouse Wall Clock

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This wall-mounted clock has a diameter of 18 inches and a depth of 2 inches. It has a wooden face with ornate black metal hands. The numbers of the clock are printed in black roman numerals, which have been distressed to look aged. The face of the clock is a faded white, but it is also available in a variety of other aged-looking colors, including brown, blue, and gray. The style of the clock is very rustic, so it will work well in any farmhouse, shabby chic, or coastal-style interior. It is operated with a single AA battery which is not included.

Users of this clock love the look of it and find that it adds a casual, stylish vibe to their space. Users note that it is very lightweight, which makes it easy to hang on the wall, though some users felt this made the clock feel cheap. Many users complained that the numbers were incorrectly printed on the clock, namely the roman numeral for four, which is shown on the clock as ‘IIII.’ Users believed this should have been printed as ‘IV.’

While this might be a problem for some people, ‘IIII’ is actually the original way of writing ‘4’ in roman numerals, and it wasn’t until later in history that ‘IV’ was adopted. Users found that the clock was well packaged, that it keeps time well, and that it has a whisper-quiet ticking sound. Some users noted that the hands were made of thin metal and are susceptible to bending.


  • Quiet ticking noise
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Keeps accurate time
  • Easy to read
  • Stylish


  • Old style roman numerals
  • Lightweight
  • Flimsy hands

2. Young’s Wood Take Life Coffee Wall Clock

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This coffee-themed wall clock has a height of 13.75 inches and a width of 12.5 inches. The depth is just 1.25 inches, allowing it to sit quite flat against the wall. The clock face is made from wood, with a neutral color scheme in shades of brown and beige. AA batteries are required for this clock, which is not included with the purchase. The coffee cup design lends the clock perfectly to being displayed in a kitchen. It is designed in the USA and made in China.

Users of this clock find the cute cup design very appealing, and this was the main reason for choosing this clock for their home. Most users felt the clock met their expectations, but some were disappointed. The thin metal hands are very pliable and easy to damage accidentally while fitting batteries or mounting the clock. Some users found that the clock did not keep time, despite it making a ticking noise as though it was working. It was also noted that the clock face has a slight sheen which can make it difficult to read when the kitchen light is turned on. Some users felt that this clock was poorly made considering the price they had paid, while others were happy with their purchase.


  • Designed in the USA
  • Attractive design


  • Flimsy hands
  • Potentially unreliable timekeeping
  • Slight sheen on the face

3. Frying Pan Kitchen Wall Clock

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The circular face of this clock measures 10 inches in diameter, and the handle adds an extra 7.8 inches of length to the height of the clock. It is designed in the shape of a pan, making it a perfect accessory to be wall mounted in a kitchen. The clock is made from stainless steel, and it requires one AA battery. The clock comes disassembled with a screwdriver so that the user has everything they need to fix the handle in place.

Users of this clock love the whimsical, playful design of it and believe it makes a nice addition to a kitchen as well as making a great gift. The finish of the clock is smooth and glossy, and users note that they receive a lot of compliments on the clock. Some users were disappointed that the clock only has two hands, and therefore doesn’t have a hand for seconds, but many were not bothered by this fact. A minority of users found that the clock did not keep time well, with hands ceasing to work or getting stuck at certain positions, rendering the functionality of the clock useless.


  • Quirky design
  • Sturdy material


  • No second hand
  • May not keep time

4. Oversized LED Clock

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This digital clock is 18 inches wide, 8 inches high, and has a depth of 1.5 inches. It can be wall-mounted, or it also has a flap-out stand on the back for display versatility. This clock is powered by mains electricity via a nine-foot-long power cord. The back of the clock has a built-in cable management compartment where you can store the cable if you don’t need the full length of it.

The clock is also equipped with backup batteries so that the functions of the clock won’t be affected in the event of a power outage. The clock has a green LED display, and the time is shown in very large digits of 5.5 inches tall,  making it easy to read the time from across a room. Alongside the time, the clock also features the day, the date, and the room temperature in smaller letters and numbers.

Users of this clock were pleased with how easy it is to set up and impressed with its large size. Users note that the display is very bright, which makes it easy to read the time, but the brightness might be distracting or annoying in some environments, for example, in a bedroom. Many users suggested covering the screen of the clock with car window tinting film to reduce the glare from the light. Users found the temperature feature of the clock a useful addition and report that the clock is accurate.


  • Shows temperature and date
  • Has backup battery function
  • Easy to read time
  • Easy to set up


  • May be too bright

5. Raised Number Wall Clock

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This round wall clock measures 8 inches in diameter and has a depth of 2 inches. The frame of the clock and the numbers are raised to give the clock an exaggerated 3D effect. The frame is made from plastic but styled to look like aged metal. The face of the clock is distressed to give an antique style. It has three metal hands and requires one AA battery to function, which is not included.

Users of this clock love the style of it and found that the small size makes it suitable for hanging in a number of locations. Users found that the clock lasts well and is still functioning well even after several years of use. Many users commented on the price of the clock, which they felt was very reasonable, and that the quality was good considering the cost. Users also found that the clock was packaged well and that the time was easy to read in spite of the small size. The main complaint about this clock among some users was that it makes a loud ticking noise.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Good quality
  • Attractive style
  • Well packaged


  • Ticks loudly

6. Karlsson Little Big Time Mini Wall Clock

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This modern wall clock is made from metal and finished in matte black. It measures 16 inches in diameter and has a funky design with extended hands and no numbers. This clock would work well in a minimalist style home, but its simplicity lends it to many interior styles. It requires one AA battery to work, which is not included. It is designed to be mounted on a wall and comes with screws and drywall anchors to assist.

Users of this clock love the unusual design of it. Most users found the clock to be well built, strong, and sturdy and expected it to last many years. One issue that some people found was that the clock can become unbalanced when all of the hands are pointing in the same direction, for example, at 3.15, which causes the middle of the clock to tilt slightly. Some users remedied this by adding a small piece of double-sided tape on the back of the clock to secure it against the wall. The hands of the clock are quite flimsy, and users advise that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to not manually move the hands because this will damage the clock and could prevent it from working.


  • Stylish
  • Good quality
  • Mounting hardware included


  • Flimsy hands
  • May become unbalanced

7. BAI Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock

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This retro-style clock measures 8.4 inches wide and 12.4 inches across, with a depth of 2 inches. It features two faces, the larger one for telling the time and a smaller one which can be used as a timer of up to an hour for cooking. The body of the clock is made from sturdy, glossy plastic, and the faces are covered with convex glass. The clock requires one AA battery to work, which is not included.

Users of this clock are very pleased with the retro look of it, and despite it being built from plastic, users have found that the clock looks very high quality and is strong and sturdy. Users have found that the ticking of the clock is not silent but is still fairly quiet. Some users expressed that the timer on their clock didn’t work; however, this seems to be a common user error as the instructions state the timer needs to be set back to the 50-minute mark before use to make it work. The alarm for the timer is loud, which means that users are alerted to the time to prevent dishes from getting burnt.


  • Attractive retro style
  • High quality
  • Quiet ticking
  • Cooking alarm


  • Timer not obvious to work

8. Creative Cutlery Kitchen Wall Clock

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This novelty clock measures 12.6 inches in diameter, with a depth of 1.57 inches. It is perfect for hanging on a kitchen wall as the design features cutlery as the motif. The hands of the clock are also designed like a miniature knife and fork. The clock requires a single AA battery which is not included. It is made from lightweight stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting, and also easy to clean and keep shiny.

Users of this clock note that it was well packaged and pleased with the overall look and function of it. Some users were surprised by how lightweight it was and found that this made it easier to hang on the wall. Users enjoyed the movement of the second hand, which runs smoothly rather than in a ticking motion, and does not produce a ticking noise. Some users commented that the metal cutlery was very thin and may bend or break easily.


  • Unusual design
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth second hand


  • Flimsy metal

9. Modern Silent Wall Clock

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This round wall clock measures 10 inches in diameter and has a depth of 2.4 inches. The silver frame around the face of the clock is made from metal, and the cover is glass, giving the clock a classic and high-quality feel. The clock operates with one AA battery which is not included. The second hand of this clock has a sweeping movement which means it moves silently around the clock and does not produce any ticking noise. The face of the clock is white, with black numbers, making the time easy to read and ensuring the clock will work in a variety of interior styles and color schemes.

Users of this clock confirm that there is no ticking noise and that it functions well. It is a high-quality build for the price and looks stylish mounted on the wall. The humidity and temperature metrics are a nice decorative touch, but some users found that they were not very accurate and were more for aesthetic purposes. Most users agreed that this clock was well packaged. The vast majority of users would recommend this clock or buy it again for themselves.


  • Sweeping second hand
  • Silent
  • High-quality materials
  • Classic design


  • Inaccurate humidity and temperature readings