30 Cool Gifts for Architects

Giving gifts is an art. The perfect gift can brighten up someone’s day, improve relationships, or even make a significant change in someone’s life.

Psychologists have been studying the subject of gifting, and they are often fascinated by how this act can be a window into so many vital human traits like empathy, creativity, communication, and how we assign value to things.

One important rule in choosing a present is to think like you are the receiver. To put it simply, buy a gift that your receiver would probably want to buy for themselves. We should always buy a gift to provide happiness or give something useful to the receiver.

So you are thinking of a perfectly cool gift to give to an architect! Although gifting architects is always seen as a tricky task, do not worry. We have loads of great gift ideas for these creative people.

Architects are the type of people who do not just build things but also essentially add life to the things they create. Their job involves a lot of planning, designing, and constructing. They also have to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in architectural design.

If you are ever wondering what to give to your architect friend or someone who is studying architecture, we have collected a list of some cool gifts and architect tools to give them.

LEGO Architecture Studio Set

This LEGO set can surely bring a big smile to an architect’s face! Many architects use LEGO to work out their concepts and design their models.  This fantastic set consists of over 1200 monochromatic bricks, sorting trays, and a guidebook containing various architectural concepts. The book has 272 pages which do not only contain basic instructions, but it is also a book full of inspiration to boost an architect’s creativity.

This LEGO set was designed by an architectural modeler named Adam Reed Tucker. Most of the pieces are white, but there are also a few transparent pieces that could be used as doors, glass walls, or windows.

Bauhaus Chess Set


If the architect you are giving a gift to is a fan of chess and of  Bauhaus structures, this chess set will be a great gist. To a layman’s eyes, this chess set may appear a bit common, but to those who know history and the importance of the Bauhaus movement in architecture, this chess set is a sure delight!

Origami Architecture Books

This origami-inspired book allows the creator to build individual the world’s most famous architecture themselves. Different buildings will have different difficulty levels. The origami buildings will surely be appealing to architects because they naturally love to create and explore different designs. The finished origami works will be worth the time.

Blockitecture Sets

With Blockitecture, this is the gift intended for kids, but architects can practice building the city or any place that they want to create. This gift is basically a series of block sets for architectural purposes. There are different shaped blocks available in this set, including cantilever and nest hexagonal blocks needed to create towers. Blockitecture has a Big City Set available, with 74 wooden pieces inspired by the design and architecture of a sprawling metropolis.

Hexagonal Bulletin Boards

These hexagonal bulletin boards certainly provide architectural inspiration. These panels can be used in a number of ways. They can serve as a display board for pictures, notes, magazines, articles, and so much more. This is great for keeping your architect inspired. Each panel is suitable with adhesives and sticky foams. They can actually just be used as an eye-catching wall display, perfect for keeping an architect’s workspace look professional.

Playhouse Doormat by Frank Lloyd Wright

This is not just an ordinary doormat. This is an official collection item of Frank Lloyd Wright, a prominent American architect, designer, author, and educator. He was able to design over a thousand structures in a period of 70 years. Very amazing indeed! No wonder a lot of architects consider him as an inspiration.

This doormat is made from coir fiber pressed into a rubber base. It measures 36 inches x 22 inches and belongs to Avery Coonley House. This doormat will surely fascinate an architect and would make a perfect present.

Derwent Sketching Pencils Pro

Apparently, architects do a lot of sketching. And if there is an item that they always have to have in their kit, that would surely be a good set of sketching pencils. The Derwent Sketching Pencils Pro set offers a great quality sketching experience for architects. There are two options available – a 48-piece set and a 72-piece set. Both of these variants come in a beautifully crafted wooden box, perfect for gifting. These pencils are crafted for swift and detailed work. Gifting this set to an architect will surely make their day!

Luxfer Prism Wall Clock by Frank Lloyd Wright

Here is another cool and interesting item designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Luxfer prism wall clock is part of the patented series with 45 prisms of clear crystal glass. It includes two lovely prism designs, with a special flower design, the only one of its kind. Made from bronze, this clock would definitely look exquisite and classy on any wall.

Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Boards

If your special architect is also fond of cooking, this special bamboo cutting board will be a perfect present. This cutting board has a very intricate design showing lines and measurements that every architect could surely relate to. It is a very cool item that spells architecture in its very form. This will definitely show that an architect owns a kitchen; it can also make chopping a lot more enjoyable.

Frank Lloyd Wright Graycliff Estate Opener


Here’s a cute and functional bottle opener that would make a charming present for an architect. This cool item is an elegant way to pay tribute to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. It is made from nylon, copper, and aluminum and measures 7 inches x 2 inches x 0.5 inches.

Each opener contains copper recovered during the Graycliff restoration. Graycliff is one of the most extensive estates designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This estate is often referred to as “The Jewel of the Lake” because it was built overlooking a lake. Graycliff is famous for its captivating scenic views and timeless beauty.

This unique bottle opener is a fitting representation of Wright’s artistry, an item an architecture buff will surely love.

Areaware DMPR Prism Magnifier

This architect tool was designed by Daniel Martinez in collaboration with Areaware and Parsons. This tool is a desk magnifier made from K5 crystal glass. This clever invention magnifies texts and images 1.5 times their actual size. Indeed, small details matter for every architect. This magnifier weighs 8.8 ounces and measures 2.8 inches x 1.8 inches x 2.5 inches.

3D Printing Pen

This type of pen is perfect for artists and architects. This pen allows you to create tiny sculptures of anything that you can imagine. 3D pens can vary from simple to more sophisticated features. The pen is made based on fused deposition modeling technology. It is considered a great alternative to 3D printers because they are more portable, convenient, and do not require complex 3D modeling skills.

Magnetic Building Blocks

These magnetic building blocks can also function as fidget toys, so they can be a great stress reliever. It is perfect to stray the mind away and takes a short pause from the hectic schedules. These blocks also help in making models anytime. These are sold in sets of 171 steel balls and 1 magnetic base, so they are very useful in creating designs and models as well.

Archidoodle : Architect’s Activity Book

This innovative book by Steve Bowkett provides a cool, fun, and interactive way to learn about architecture. It features elegant drawings and poses all manners of architectural challenges. It contains challenges like designing your own island house, constructivist monument, skyscrapers, and so much more. Anyone who loves drawing buildings will surely love this book as a gift. It enhances the user’s imagination and creativity by painting, sketching, and drawing in the book. Thus, they can learn and apply a lot of architectural knowledge.

This book will surely appeal to architect students and architects alike because it includes a number of works and ideas from great architects, from whom they can draw inspiration.

ARCKIT 360: Architectural Model Building Kit

This kit was designed by Damien Murtagh, an Irish architect. This is based on modern paneled building techniques and uses interconnecting pieces that allow users to create different structures. Murtagh originally designed this to offer his clients physical models instead of 3D drawings on the computer. However, this kit is not only popular for architects but even for children. It was even dubbed as the “the new LEGO.”

Architect T-Shirts

T-shirts may be a common gift, but you can make them cool and unique by customizing the design and even giving it a more personalized touch. Personalized t-shirts are cost-effective but cool. They can include simple statements like “I am an architect,” or you can go for more funny and quirky ones, depending on the taste of the receiver, of course.

Acacia Grove Mini Bricks on a Pallet

These cute miniature bricks are made from real concrete. These cool 90s themed structures will surely put a smile on an architect’s face. These can be excellent modeling tools for building new designs. They can also function as a cute table topper too. This is definitely a must-have for architects and designers.

rOtring 1900184 800+ Premium Hybrid Mechanical Pencil and Stylus

The rOtring 1900184 800+ premium hybrid mechanical pencil and stylus combines the two modes using the same end with a unique retractable mechanism. The stylus tip is used to provide great accuracy, control, and speed. This pen is perfect for architects who are moving their work from paper to digital. This product has two variants – the 0.5mm and the 0.77mm.

To ensure comfort in use, it is designed like a hexagonal barrel which prevents the pen from sliding down on any surface. It is refillable and is loaded with high-polymer HB lead and a built-in eraser. It also comes with a 2-year warranty against quality defects.

Iitala Alvar Aalto Finlandia Vase

This vase is inspired by the award-winning vase, designed by a renowned architect and designer, Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto, in 1937. His creations are famous for their unique and unpredictable designs, which defy the normal. The vase’s fluid curves pay homage to the natural lakes in Finland, where he was from. Glassblowers molded the glass used for this vase by hand to replicate Aalto’s revolutionary design.

Architecture Coffee Mug

Coffee is best enjoyed in a great cup! This cool architecture mug is manufactured and distributed by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. It has an inky blue color with ten blueprints of the best classic structures in the world. Coffee and tea time would surely be more fun for architects using this mug, especially that they are holding something that is a significant part of their lives and career. These mugs can also be bought in different colors.

Frank Lloyd Wright Water Lilies Table Runner

This table runner is based on a stained glass design by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1895. This item has a whimsical print and a simple accent which is sure to please any architecture enthusiast. It is made from 100% cotton, which is very soft and long-lasting. Donned with gentle and neutral colors, it will not be hard to blend this table runner with different kinds of interior styles.

Concrete Geometric Planters

The Lieomo handmade geometric planters are perfect for an architect who also loves plants. These planters are available in two variants – triangle and hexagon – and measure 4.72 x 4.72 x 2.15 inches. These are great for planting indoor plants, succulents, cacti, and flowers. Every piece is handmade, so every piece is unique and may come with small irregularities.

Lucca SC51 Table Lamp


Architects need great lighting, especially when they work during late hours at night. This table lamp will be a great present for them, as it can be really useful and handy. This portable lamp can give its bright golden glow indoors or outdoors. It has a rounded soft shape and dark curved lines. It is powered by batteries and can easily be recharged through a USB cable. It features 3 different settings to match the amount of lighting to the mood.

New York City Skyline Chess Set

This is a 32-piece chess set molded in acrylic and finished in black and white hues. Every set comes complete with a 16 inches x 16 inches folding board and presentation box. This set is a perfect present for chess fans and those who love New York City. This architecture-themed chess set includes models of Freedom Tower (kings), Empire State Building (queens), Chrysler Building (bishops), Flatiron Building (knights), Guggenheim Museum (rooks), Brownstone Houses (pawns).

Walter Gropius Wine Glass

Any architect would know Walter Groupius, a prominent German architect and one of the pioneering masters of modernist architecture. Gifting an architect with something that was designed by this famous master is a sure delight!

The Walter Gropius wine glass features a striking profile to catch the attention of guests. It is part of the TAC series of wine glasses, wherein each glass is designed elegantly. A set of these wine glasses is perfect for gifting, especially for celebrations like a graduation or after getting a hard-earned license. These unique glasses would make a perfect birthday or housewarming present as well.

Tribesigns Modern Drafting Table

A drafting table is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture an architect should have. Working on a normal table would not be as comfortable and convenient for architects as working on a drafting table.

The Tribesigns modern drafting table has a sleek modern design and has a spacious desktop that provides enough workspace for home and office activities. This table is spacious enough to hold two computer monitors and still has space for other desk items. It also features a storage shelf underneath, perfect for storing books, files, and other architect tools. This under-the-table storage saves a lot of office space and also allows the architect to use the top of the desk for drawing, sketching, and drafting alone.

It has an adjustable section of the tabletop that can tilt from 0 to 80 degrees at 12 different angles. This is quite handy for architects who often need to draw in different angles and positions.

Leica Laser Distance Measure

This cool gadget allows architects to make accurate measurements when working on site. It provides easy point-and-shoot measurements with the ability to send the measurements straight into a compatible sketch app through Bluetooth. This way, the file is recorded securely. With this tool, taking measurements couldn’t be easier.

Frank Lloyd Wright Playhouse Pen Holder

This item is a cool addition to an architect’s tabletop. The design was adapted from a section of an art glass window designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the Avery Coonley Playhouse. This pen holder is made of laser-cut wood in a walnut finish. This product is officially licensed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. It could also hold other items like keys and smartphones, perfect when you want to keep these things somewhere intact. This cool gift item will surely make a pleasant appeal to an architect.

Danish Designer Figurines

These little beauties are made by architects, for architects. These iconic and visually pleasing wooden toys are made by a Danish company ArchitectMade. Their designs feature designs inspired by famous architects and designers like Paul Anker Hansen, Kristian Vedel, Hans Bølling, and many other names that every architect will know. There are many different figures and designs to choose from including, birds, mermaids, dogs, and many more. There is just a whole wide range to suit the taste and liking of the architect you want to give a gift to.

Phive Architect Task Lamp

Good lighting is essential in any type of work, especially with architecture that needs a lot of sketching and drawing. Good lighting means the architect can pay close attention even to the slightest detail. Thus, giving them a good quality architect lamp would be a great option.

The Phive architect task lamp provides close to daylight illumination. Its diffusion panel shines soft light without glare or flicker. This lamp is also adjustable with a 180-degree swivel lamp head and a body that rotates. This gives a lot of flexibility for architects who draw from different sides and angles.

This lamp comes in two colors, black, and silver. Its dimensions are 21” x 2.9” x 7.2” and weighs 2.9 lbs.

Black – Architecture in Monochrome Book

Books are one of the most useful presents to give. The Black: Architecture in Monochrome book is a great gift option for architects. It features the richness and beauty of the color black in the world. It showcases more than 150 structures from different centuries, which could really inspire and spark the imagination of modern architects. It contains interesting and visually appealing photographs of houses, churches, and some of the most famous buildings in the world. The book was published by Phaidon Editors in 2017.

The Architect Says – Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom

This is another interesting book that architects would love because its contents are surely relatable to them. This book was written by Laura S. Dushkes. The book contains quotes from 100 famous designers in history. Surely, this book will give architects all the material they need to talk about their work and passion. It is a pocketbook of inspiration, perfect to read when you just want to relax and free your mind from the chaos of work.

30 Cool Gifts for Architects