26 Unique and Cool Things for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the perfect place to make a statement and have fun with useful and smart accessories. From gadgets that help you sleep to the ones that wake you up with a bang. Here is my collection of the coolest bedroom accessories that you shouldn’t go without.  

1. Bedside Shelf Organizer

Bedside Shelf Organizer
No more searching for your reading glasses or phone! Clear up your beside space by putting your glasses, smartphone charger, makeup kit, earphone, and other small items in this elegant white bedside shelf organizer. It comes with a 3M double-sided adhesive tape, which makes installation on the wall next to the bed super easy. 

2. Touchless Automatic Trash Can 

Touchless Automatic Trash Can
Every bedroom needs a trash can. But why not give your room a smart and clean touch with this bold pink motion sensor trash can. The advanced technology of this water-resistant rectangular trash bin detects your hand within ten inches and opens the lid automatically using an infrared sensor. The lid will only close after three seconds once your hand moves away. The delay sensing technology prevents tampering by pets or children plus there is a removable ring liner that helps keep the bin bag in place.    

3. Trifold Vanity Makeup Mirror 

Trifold Vanity Makeup Mirror
Put your makeup on or brush your hair in the comfort of your bedroom with this 3rd generation trifold vanity mirror. With 36 smart touch dimmable LED lights, this vanity mirror can glow in the most poorly lit rooms, without irritating your eyes. It offers additional 2x and 3x magnifying panels that reveal the smallest details of your face. The mirror comes with a USB cable and the bottom tray is useful for storing hair, makeup or shaving accessories. 

4. Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis
 Avid book readers will love the all new 7 inch Kindle Oasis. It not only saves you a lot of space and money, but it also looks sleek with ergonomic page turning buttons and e-ink technology. This thin and light kindle makes one-handed reading super easy with fast page turns. Readers will enjoy a richer reading experience thanks to its adjustable warm light setting. You can even read your favorite book in the bath as this kindle is waterproof!

5. Aromatherapy Pillow 

Aromatherapy Pillow

 Rest easy and harness the benefits of aromatherapy with this incredibly soft and silky memory foam pillow. It is infused with peppermint oil, which is used for clear breathing and inducing sleep. The zoned technology design of this pillow helps support the neck and head as the dough-like structure molds to the curves of the head, neck, and shoulders.  

6. Anti-snore Pillow  

Anti-snore Pillow
 Do you or your partner make rattling noise during sleep? Do you suffer from uncomfortable acid reflux? Say goodbye to these issues with the incredibly versatile wedge pillow. This memory foam anti-snore pillow keeps your head elevated during sleeping in order to prevent snoring or other breathing problems. The hypoallergenic wedge pillow also supports your upper torso and reduces heartburn and many other sleep-disrupting conditions.   

7. Smartphone and Tablet Holder

Smartphone and Tablet Holder
Are you fed up with holding your tablet or smartphone by hand when watching your favorite Netflix movie or series in your bed? Overcome this inconvenience by using this nifty smartphone and tablet holder. It can be strapped around your neck or placed directly on your bed as a stand. The ergonomic design of this cool gadget holder helps avoid neck strain or glare thanks to the distance between your eyes and the device. 

8. Mini Video Projector

Mini Video Projector
Enjoy movie night in the comfort of your bedroom with a mini video projector. This highly durable multi-media projector provides the ultimate home cinema experience with a clearer and bigger screen than other conventional projectors. The mini projector operates quietly and is equipped with a powerful cooling system so you can enjoy your device for up to 15 years knowing it won’t burn out. It can easily be connected to tablets, smartphones, or laptops for movie watching and gaming.  

9. Out-of-this-world Planetarium 

Out-of-this-world Planetarium
Star gazing in your bedroom has never been so much fun thanks to this incredible star projector. The device projects an amazing 60,000 stars that can be adjusted with a timer for 15 mins, 30 mins, or 1 hour. You can also select the projector to rotate in order to simulate the moving hemisphere. This planetarium projector can either be wall mounted or hung from the ceiling. 

10. Bluetooth Acoustic SleepPhones 

Bluetooth Acoustic SleepPhones 
No more wearing uncomfortable earphones or bulky headphones! These innovative ultra thin fleece headphones help you fall asleep while listening to your favorite music. Whether you have insomnia or don’t want to hear your partner’s snoring, the headband headphones will help you enjoy a relaxing sleeping experience. They are available in sizes small, medium, and large. A must-have accessory for your bedroom!  

11. Air Purifier

Air Purifier
No more dust, pollens, pet dander, or smelly socks! Protect yourself against bedroom pollen with this unique and chic air purifier. It uses less energy and operates silently. This high-tech Scandinavian-style purifier will eliminate all odors and viruses from your bedroom, quickly and easily. With 6 color options, this air purifier is a must-have gadget for every bedroom.  

12. Hanging Hammock

Hanging Hammock
If you’re not keen on the hassle of installing a conventional hammock in your bedroom, or you have a fear of falling from one, I have found the next best thing: a round-shaped hanging hammock that’s simple to set up (within minutes!) and feels like you’re floating in a nest. This saucer-style circular hammock comes with a support pillow and is safe enough for both children and adults. Cozy up in a cocoon while reading your book or stargazing in this easy-to-hang and sturdy lightweight hammock. 

13. Portable Mini Fridge with Note-writing Eraser

Portable Mini Fridge with Note-writing Eraser
Adding a mini fridge to your bedroom means you won’t have to forage for food or drinks in the kitchen in the middle of the night. This ultra versatile and sleek mini fridge with eraser makes it super easy to keep your food and drinks warm or cold. Simply unplug the fridge and select the setting to cold or warm. The eraser door on this portable fridge is ideal for leaving messages, making grocery lists, writing notes, or just having fun!  

14. Japanese-style Indoor Relaxation Fountain 

Japanese-style Indoor Relaxation Fountain 
Is there anything more soothing than the sound of flowing water? This Japanese-inspired indoor fountain will bring serenity to your bedroom and it’s small enough to fit in the corner of any space. The fountain features 3 extra-deep basins that provide gentle sounds of water with an illuminating glow that creates a romantic ambiance.  

15. Tree Branch Wall Decal 

Tree Branch Wall Decal
Get creative with your bedroom wall by adding a finishing touch to the empty space. What better way to do this than with an eye-catching tree branch wall decal. Just peel off the decals and stick them to the wall. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. This is an attractive decor idea to add style to your bedroom wall space, with a staggering 57 decals included. The decals leave no residue mess behind after removal. 

16. Glow in the Dark Stars Stickers

Glow in the Dark Stars Stickers
Want a touch of romance in your bedroom? Do you dream of sleeping under the stars at night? Well, now you can with these realistic-looking glow in the dark stars stickers! Just turn off the lights and enjoy the starry ceiling in your bedroom. These luminous stickers are easy to apply on the ceiling and will never come off until you remove them. 

17. Alarm Clock on Wheels

Alarm Clock on Wheels
Get the most exciting wake up call you’ve ever had with the help of Clocky the alarm clock. When it’s time to wake up, this bedside alarm clock with wheels will run away, roll, beep, jump, and hide. Clocky is so cool and crazy with the way it shakes, runs, and moves on the floor that I can guarantee you will be chasing it around the room. This alarm clock is a sure way of waking up even the heaviest sleepers. Have a night shift? No problem. Clocky will light up in the dark and leap into action until you’re up and running!  

18. Aromatic Alarm Clock and Oil Diffuser

Aromatic Alarm Clock and Oil Diffuser
Enjoy all the benefits of an air humidifier, alarm clock, digital clock, and essential oil diffuser in one convenient device. With 3 mist settings, this aromatherapy alarm clock and oil diffuser features 12 countdown timers with a touch-screen alarm and digital clock.  When you set the alarm, the diffuser will give off an aromatic mist of your choice to wake you up. Thanks to this oil diffuser’s unique design, it operates silently even when it gives out mists of essential oils. The water tank has a 320ml capacity  and is easy to fill via the top cover.  

19. Fairy String Lights

Fairy String Lights
Create a magical lighting experience in your bedroom with these stunning fairy string lights. The strings are made of bendable and durable copper that can be shaped into any symbol. The string lights are equipped with a USB port so you can connect them to your computer for backup power. You could put them on bookcases, around the window frames, or all over the wall above your bed for a soothing and relaxing ambiance.

20. Spiral LED Bedside Table Lamp 

Spiral LED Bedside Table Lamp
Bring a touch of modernity to your bedroom with this uniquely shaped minimalist spiral LED bedside lamp. The low energy consumption of this table lamp means you’ll never need to replace the light, plus it has an extremely warm color temperature with 3 different light colors: pure white, warm white, warm yellow.

21. Light Changing Blocks

Light Changing Blocks

Add a splash of color to your bedroom wall with the fun and enjoyable LED light changing blocks. You have the choice of splicing up to 10 blocks together to create an intimate atmosphere in your bedroom. Changing the light color works via your smartphone or voice sensor using the USB cable. With a staggering 16 million colors to play with, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice!   

22. 3D Moon Lamp

3D Moon Lamp
Bring the full moon to your bedroom with this stunning and realistic-looking 3D moon lamp. What’s unique about this particular moon lamp is the incredibly precise 3D print of the moon’s surface. Just place it on your bedside table at any angle to add ambiance. The lamp provides a soothing glow, which is ideal in both children’s and adults bedrooms. There are 16 colors to choose from with 5 brightness modes to set the desired mood. 

23. Neon Wall Rainbow

Neon Wall Rainbow
Looking for a decorative lighting idea for your little girl’s bedroom? Consider this cute neon wall rainbow night light, which can either be hung on the wall or placed on the table. Use batteries or a USB adapter to turn it on at night. 

24. Edison Lamp

Edison Lamp
This stylish and contemporary Edison lamp is perfect for anyone who loves the rustic charm of industrial-style bedrooms. The exposed hanging light bulb and the wrought iron stand have given this retro lamp a simple and punk look. It can be placed just about anywhere in the bedroom as a reading, table, or nightstand lamp.    

25.  Mason Jar Wall Decor and Sconces

Mason Jar Wall Decor and Sconces
Want to create a warm and romantic atmosphere in your bedroom? Then add these beautiful handmade mason jar sconces as accent pieces to your wall or bedroom door. The mason jars can be customized with your favorite flowers. Their light fixture gives off a stunning LED lighting effect, with a 6-hr timer. 

26. LED String Curtain Lights

LED String Curtain Lights
Give your little girl’s – or even your own bedroom – a bright and dreamy touch with these magical LED string curtain lights. The soft, pastel color string lights will suit any bedroom decor, with a smart on/off switch to dim the lights to your liking. These curtain lights are perfect on both sheer drapes and on the wall as accent lighting. 

Did you like my above selection of cool accessories for your bedroom? Which one was your most favorite? Let me know by leaving your comments below. 

26 Unique and Cool Things for Your Bedroom